Hungry-la Island's true form.

Hungry-la Island (ハングリラ島) is a location appearing in the Toriko x One Piece Crossover special. It is the anime equivalent of Gourmet Island from the manga crossover Cross Epoch - One Piece x Toriko. It is an island filled with many rare and delicious ingredients (mostly sweets) and it is home to creatures with capture levels ranging from 1 to 5.

The island is spoken of in legend as being the home of the legendary delicacy the Hungry-la Bird, however this is actually a misconception as the island itself is the actual legendary dessert delicacy and it is essentially a giant all-natural pudding a la mode. The misunderstanding comes from the fact that the kanji used to write bird and island look quite similar and often causes confusion to those who don't notice the difference in the writing. Prior to Toriko and the Straw Hats' arrival, the island was ruled by a powerful Dotsukuzo Koala. Afterwards, most of the island is eaten by Toriko and Luffy.





  • The name of the Hungry-la island is a pun on Shangri-La, a mystical island in James Hilton's 1933 novel Lost Horizon.
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