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Japanese 国際グルメ機構
Romanized Kokusai Gurume Kikō
English International Gourmet Organization
Leader Mansam;
Ichiryu (formerly, deceased)
Affiliation Human World;
United Nations (formerly)
Base of Operations IGO Headquarters
Status Active
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 1
Anime Episode 1
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The International Gourmet Organization (国際グルメ機構 Kokusai Gurume Kikō), or simply IGO (IGOアイジーオー Aijīō), is the global organization responsible for maintaining order in the Gourmet Age, and defending civilians from dangerous animals and gourmet criminals. It administers the Eight Gourmet Laws, and possibly other food-related laws, in the territories under its jurisdiction.


In the Gourmet Age, the IGO originally started out as a specialized department of the United Nations, but due to a high demand for gourmet ingredients, it would end up becoming its own organization and gaining more influence than even the United Nations, with a total of 360 members, far exceeding the United Nations' member count.[1] The IGO's staff and leadership include many individuals of renowned strength and skill.

IGO's operating funds are collected from member nations in the form of a heavy Gourmet Tax. In exchange for member nations paying the tax, the IGO secures for them a stable supply of gourmet ingredients. Food is also distributed to non-member nations that are too poor to pay the Gourmet Tax, using proceeds from betting at Biotope 1's coliseum. The existence of the coliseum is used as a bribe to keep world leaders placated and silent regarding the program, which would likely outrage the heavily-taxed citizens of IGO member states. To further maintain the secrecy of the program, the charity food drops take place under cover of darkness on Christmas Eve each year, and make use of IGO members' and affiliates' personal beasts rather than traditional transport.

Mansam lists the three main duties of the IGO as:

  • The discovery of new ingredients.
  • The research and development of said ingredients.
  • The circulation of food and the public order.


IGO HQ Eps 48

IGO Headquarters, the food tray in the sea.

IGO has established various places to perform their operations on Human World, as well as another one at Gourmet World and other facilities under their jurisdiction, but it has a main location that works as its main base of operations:


  • IGO Defense Bureau
The director of this bureau is Ray, a young man with shoulder-length black hair, eye-shadow on his eyelids, and a long dark robe. Among his duties are overseeing the IGO Bureau of Defense Management and taking care of "Nitro" that appear in the Human World.
  • IGO Business Bureau
The director of this bureau was Uumen Umeda, a middle aged man with sunglasses and a distinctive 5 'o' clock shadow. He is the one who commissioned Toriko to retrieve the Galala Gator in the beginning of the series. He was in truth a NEO spy and eventually defected from the IGO, but not before murdering many of its directors.
  • IGO Administration Bureau
The director of this bureau was Wyne, a young man with flat brown hair and glasses. He reported on the damage done to the IGO Biotopes. He was one of the directors murdered by Uumen Umeda.
  • IGO Financial Affairs Bureau
The director of this bureau was Bull, an old man with many scars and a mustache. He was one of the directors murdered by Uumen Umeda.
  • IGO Public Relations Bureau
The director of this bureau was Naroid, a dark-skinned man in a business suit. His duties was to keep the integrity of the IGO clean within the public eye and keep its "dirty laundry" from being revealed. He was one of the directors murdered by Uumen Umeda.
  • IGO Judicial Affairs Bureau
The director of this bureau was Glass, a middle-aged man with a dark burn covering part of his face. He oversees the Gourmet Police, although when Ichiryu and Yosaku went to Honey Prison, also overseen by the Judicial Affairs Bureau, he calls Glass useless for not being able to get Zebra released. He was one of the directors murdered by Uumen Umeda.

Main Staff/ Board of Committee[]

Board of Committee
Mansam after the time skip RinMS Rei JohannesMS
President Mansam Gourmet Research Chief Rin Defense Bureau Director Ray Development Bureau Chief Johannes
Employees and Others
HoneyPrisonGuardsMS Elboh ToruMS MarilynMS HanaMS
Honey Prison Staff 18th Barrier Surveillance Chief Elboh 18th Barrier Watchman Toru Gourmet Coliseum Commander Marilyn Chain Animal Researcher Hana
Smith KomatsuMS KomorouGC AyameGC MortonGC
Hotel Gourmet Manager Smith Hotel Gourmet Head Chef Komatsu Hotel Gourmet Chef Komorou Biotope Head Chef Ayame President's Secretary Morton
RikkyHS GiraffebirdMS
Director Mansam's Pet Rikky Living Weapon Giraffebirds
Gourmet Seven
PatchMS Apalon KittMS PainomiMS
Patch Apalon Kitt Painomi
Former Members
IchiryuuMS ShigematsuMS UumenMS WainMS GrasMS
President Ichiryu Vice President Shigematsu Business Bureau Director
Uumen Umeda
Administration Bureau Director Wyne Judicial Affairs Bureau Director Glass
NaroidMS BuruMS AhmonMS NomarchMS ToppoMS
Public Relations Bureau Director Naroid Financial Affairs Bureau Director Bull Ahmon Nomarch Toppo
Gourmet Police Captain Thor

  • : the character is deceased.
  • *: the character's status is unknown. Hovering the symbol may give further details.
  • : the character is no longer part of this group. Hovering the symbol may give further details.


  1. Gourmet 21 and Episode 7, Mansam and Toriko explain the IGO's origins.

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