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IGO Headquarters
Japanese IGO本部
Romanized IGO Honbu
Location Human World
Affiliation Ico igo.png IGO
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 109
Anime Episode 85
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The IGO Headquarters is the main base of operations of the aforementioned organization. It is established on a squarish, tray-shaped island located somewhere in the seas of the Human World. This place has the main workstations for the president, vice-president and the bureau of directors of the International Gourmet Organization.


Its architecture resembles a food tray with buildings that are based on a spoon, a fork, a plate, a wine glass, a wine bottle, chopsticks and two knives. The plate-shaped building is actually a large circular wall that surrounds the center of the island which holds numerous buildings and a small pond housing small frog-like fish. After the fall of the Meteor Spice and being rebuilt, several buildings were removed or redesigned. The wine glass building was replaced with a building shaped like a bottle of sake, and three new buildings resembling sake cups were added, although a smaller building shaped like a small wine bottle was built in the center of the HQ. There are also other new buildings resembling an egg, pudding, three pieces of sushi and what seem to be buildings resembling party toothpicks standing vertically.


Ozone Herb Arc[]

Toriko and Komatsu had come to the IGO Headquarters to deliver the Ozone Herb to President Ichiryu.

Meteor Garlic Arc[]

President Ichiryu had Setsuno escorted to the IGO Headquarters along with her apprentice Nono to help prepare a large feast to help strengthen Ichiryu's Gourmet Cells.

Cooking Festival Arc[]

The IGO Headquarters were severely damaged by the Meteor Spice and many of its employees and directors were either wounded or killed during the chaos.

Billion Bird Arc[]

A year and a half after the fall of the Meteor Spice, the IGO Headquarters was successfully restored with a new look, however people's trust in the IGO began to wane as the organization struggled with food production, but thanks to the efforts of Toriko and Komatsu, and their revival of the Billion Bird, the company was able to begin its Human World restoration project.


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