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IGO Saga
Volumes: 1-12 (12 total)
Chapters: 1-100 (100 total)
Episodes: 2-41 (39 total)
Year(s) Released: 2008-2012 (Manga and Anime)
Saga Chronology
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Training for Gourmet World Saga

IGO Saga is the first Saga in the Toriko series. The Saga is mainly about the dealings Toriko takes to solve IGO's problems. The saga introduces Main Characters. It shows Komatsu beginning to start a bond with Toriko. Toriko starts his search for his Full Course Meal, with Komatsu.


The Saga contains six arcs, namely:


The story of first Saga takes place in IGO concerned situations. IGO hires Toriko, who sets out as Gourmet Hunter. Komatsu impresses Toriko by his skills and accompanies Torikoon his journeys. Coco introduces himself in the Puffer Whale Arc giving a hand to Toriko and Komatsu in the capture of the Puffer Whale. Sunny and Rin introduce themselves in the Regal Mammoth Arc, giving their help for capturing Regal Mammoth.

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