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Japanese イアイアイ
Romanized Iaiai
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Type Mammal
Capture Level 622
Height 150cm
Diet Carnivorous
Habitat Area 7
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Manga Chapter 297
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The Iai-Aye is a species of mammalian primate native to Area 7 and it is one of the many primates that make up the continent's "Monkey Restaurant".


Iai-Aye color

Iai-Aye color

The Iai-Aye appears as an immensely skinny lemur with a round, bright colored belly and slightly dark toned fur. It has two pointed ears, round eyes with small pupils and two dark colored hands. Its unusual trait is that it has a long tail which has a blade at the end which it uses as a sword. 

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The Iai-Aye appears to be a somewhat intelligent creature although violent when hunting like most of the primates in Area 7. It is smart enough to use items such as umbrellas and its tail like a sword. Like all the primates and other beasts in Area 7, the Iai-Aye obeys the will of Bambina and follows its laws without question.

When given a dilemma which will result in punishment in either direction, the Iai-Aye itself will show its will to follow the ways of Enbu and will attack any potential threat against it, even if said threat is a genetically induced fear (as shown when it proceeded to attack Toriko despite the threat of a Sandoriko Flower disease). However despite this will, if the Iai-Aye is shown goodwill, it will proceed to show kindness to those who has shown it goodwill and will even cry tears of joy when it feels saved from the dangers of its unnatural habitat.

The Iai-Aye is also willing to follow those which has shown it goodwill and even assist them should those who has helped the Iai-Aye be in danger. As shown when the Iai-Aye which Toriko had helped after the events of the first Enbu Instructor followed them into 100G Mountain and helped Sunny find the rest of the Heavenly Kings after their instant confrontation with the Monkey King.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Being a primate of the "Monkey Restaurant", this species is skilled in the monkey martial art of Enbu, a special style of combat only known to the primates of Area 7. Like many of the primates in Area 7, this species is incredibly tough and can survive deadly attacks and regenerate lost tissue, and when receiving damage their strength can temporarily go up. Having a capture level of 622, the Iai-Aye is a very powerful creature. The Iai-Aye is capable of wielding the blade on the tip of its tail like a sword and seems to be skilled in its usage. The species also appears to be intelligent enough to craft items such as umbrellas. The Iai-Aye can also withstand the high gravity of 100G Mountain, being able to easily jump around the mountain despite the intense gravity.


PAIR ArcEdit

After the Heavenly Kings ventured deeper into Area 7's grassland, they were confronted by a small chimp that summoned the rest of its pack to attack the kings. After Zebra killed the chimp, countless species of primates arrived and prepared to fight the Heavenly Kings, including a Iai-Aye. Coco was the first to spot this beast and was quite shocked to see that it was smart enough to use tools. The Kings then try to fight off the monkeys but their incredibly overwhelming numbers prove to be too much for them, but suddenly all the apes stop their attack and begin to kneel down as a gigantic mountain-sized ape begins to approach them, but before the kings can face this humongous foe, they fall into a mysterious fissure that swallows them into the earth below.

After the Four Heavenly Kings meet the Nitro known as Kaka underneath the Mountain Continent's hidden underground civilization, the group depart once more for the surface in hopes to attain PAIR and destroy the continent's tyrannical laws. As the group ride within the Denshark, the Denshark hitches a ride with a Megaton Dandelion. The Megaton Dandelion brings the group to Pot Mountain where Coco notices that the very foundation of the mountain had become a graveyard of monkeys. Each monkey, the very same ones that the Four Heavenly Kings previously faced, had committed suicide by crushing their heads to the floor, standing their bodies to form a sort of gravestone. The Iai-Aye, the very same one Coco faced, was the only surviving monkey who had been given orders to kill the Heavenly Kings. Toriko decided to test the Iai-Aye's resolve by showing it the deadly Sandoriko plant. The monkey is faced with two dangers, the deadly pollen of the Sandoriko and the severe punishment from the Instructor, the Gorilla Taurus. With the monkey fearing for its life of being punished, it lunges itself towards Toriko, who sprays the Iai-Aye with the pollen. As the monkey suffered the effects of the pollen, Toriko spares the monkey's life and even offers it food, reflecting on the lives of the ancient civilization, with the act of kindness from Toriko the Iai-Aye sheds tears of joy. Due to this action however, the Gorilla Taurus decides to take matter into its own hands with the Iai-Aye shivering in fear of its presence. Toriko notices the fear within the Iai-Aye and turns to face the Enbu Master.

Iai-Aye helps Sunny

Iai aye raises an umbrella to aid Sunny.

After the travels of the Heavenly Kings to 100G Mountain finally came to a stop, they were instantly confronted by the one who holds the title of Monkey King, the Problem Child Bambina. With the presence of the Monkey King right before their eyes, the Heavenly Kings acted. Bambina decided to play games with the Heavenly Kings in the short time it spent, giving destructive results. As Sunny saw the massacre that had occurred in the mere 0.1 of a second, the lone Iai-Aye which Toriko saved arrived at 100G Mountain. There, it comforted Sunny by assuring him that one of his brothers, Coco, is alive albeit heavily incapacitated and shivering in fear. As Sunny tries to help Coco recover by giving him back his poison, the Iai-Aye then proceeds to locate the other Heavenly Kings, walking with with Sunny and Coco to find the other two in order for them to regroup. As the group attempt to comprehend what had occurred right before their eyes, the Iai-Aye stood and observed the group as Kaka talks about how lucky they were, stating that the aid of the Iai-Aye is also a lucky blessing to the Heavenly Kings. When "Kaka" proceeds to tell the group that in order to even have a small chance of being able to match the Monkey King himself, the Heavenly Kings must master the ways of Enbu, this statement seemed to slightly shock the Iai-Aye.

When the Heavenly Kings began their practice of Enbu, the Iai-Aye itself explored the grounds of 100G Mountain without difficulty of moving around despite the high gravity. It then joined the group in practicing Enbu, introducing itself to the group with Kaka translating for the Iai-Aye. When the group begin their practice of juggling the BB Pill Bug , they struggled to juggle even one of the creatures despite using their different senses in order to predict the BB Pill Bug's constant changes in properties. As the Heavenly Kings continue to train, Kaka shows to the everyone that the Iai-Aye is already capable of juggling three of the BB Pill Bugs even though they couldn't even juggle one. As night time passed, the Heavenly Kings didn't progress any further. As they try to find the clue to performing Enbu, the Monkey King felt a slight second of anger, causing all of the Heavenly Kings to feel its livid aura and finally holding the clue to performing Enbu. The Iai-Aye disappeared after feeling the aura of the Monkey King with the Heavenly Kings assuming it had fled the scene.

As the Heavenly Kings finally find themselves rising the ranks of Enbu in rapid succession, they continue to train among themselves by juggling more of the BB Pill Bugs, even juggling them in pairs to reach higher numbers of BB Pill Bugs juggled. The Iai-Aye, thought to have fled the scene, returns to the scene with comrades. The Iai-Aye had decided that as a form of thanks for removing the harsh hierarchy of Area 7, it would help the Heavenly Kings practice their Enbu skills in actual combat by having the different ranking monkeys fight them in actual combat as well as guide them through the different stations of 100G Mountain. The monkeys that the Iai-Aye recruited differed in ranks from Kyu all the way to the Assistant Instructor. With the help of the monkeys the Iai-Aye had called, the Heavenly Kings finally find themselves practicing their Enbu in live combat as well as finally progressing higher into 100G Mountain where they planned to "re-challenge" Bambina and finally acquire PAIR.

After PAIR was finally acquired by the Heavenly Kings after a long and difficult dance and battle, many of their monkey allies, including the Iai-Aye appeared on 100G Mountain to congratulate them. The Kings and the monkeys then descended back down the mountain on Bambina's Flying Nimbutt and headed for the Birth Cry Tree, where they were happily greeted by a gigantic gathering of now happy and free monkeys.


After a piece of Neo lands in Area 7, it changes form and slaughters all of the monkeys nearby. Iai-Aye tries to fight back but ends up running away in fear. The monster catches him but Terry saves from him being eaten and glares at the monster.[1]

Trivia Edit

Iai-Aye's data

Iai-Aye's data

  • Its name is a combination of the similar sounding words Iai and Aye.
    • The "Iai" references the modern Japanese sword-style of "Iaido" which is often abbreviated simply as Iai.
    • The "Aye" references the species of Lemur known as the Aye-Aye.
  • Iai-Aye Created by Gunma Prefecture.


  1. Gourmet 341

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