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Ice Hell
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Japanese アイスヘル
Romanized Aisuheru
English Ice Hell
Aliases Continent of Ice (氷の大陸 Kōri no Tairiku)
Location Southern arctic region of the Human World
Affiliation Hellboros (ruler; deceased)
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 70
Anime Episode 25
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Ice Hell (アイスヘル Aisuheru) is a southern continent within the Human World and has extraordinarily cold weather. It is filled with raging winds and ferocious beasts of notable strength.


Ice Hell's frozen cliffs.

Ice Hell is a massive pillar-like continent made almost entirely out of ice that seems to just rise out of the sea. Its surface area is a barren tundra of ice and snow that goes on for miles with almost no notable sights or landscapes aside from the Ice Mountain at the center of the continent and it is almost impossible for ordinary outsiders to survive in this frozen wasteland without eventually freezing into ice themselves or becoming impaled by the deadly icicles often carried by the fierce snowstorms. The interior of the continent has a complex system of caves which are almost entirely devoid of beasts and are seemingly safer to traverse through than the surface of Ice Hell, and serve as the easiest and fastest way into the heart of the continent.



Ocean Area
Ice Hell
Ice Mountain


Ice Hell
Ice Mountain



The inner caves within the Ice Mountain of Ice Hell were once used by the Gourmet Nobles of the past to preserve food. This frozen collection of rare ingredients would eventually become the Gourmet Show Window, which, when melted by the geo-thermal vents deep below Ice Hell every 100 years, produced the legendary "Century Soup".

Around 400 GA, "Knocking Master" Jiro defeated Ice Hell's ruler, the Hellboros and imprisoned it in ice after Knocking it.[1]

Century Soup Arc[]

Around 500 GA, the Saiseiya Teppei discovers that the Gourmet Show Window could no longer produce the Century Soup and the only way to squeeze out what little soup it had left is to destroy it. Luckily the last drop of soup is tasted by chef Komatsu who is eventually able to reproduce the soup.[2]

Four Beast Arc[]

Ice Hell is seemingly shattered by the Mounturtle when it rampaged out of the Gourmet World.[3]

Cooking Festival Arc[]

After the fall of the Meteor Spice ravages most of the Human World, the remains of Ice Hell are also likely destroyed.

Billion Bird Arc[]

After the revival of the Billion Bird, the IGO begins a Human World restoration project alongside the Saiseiyas, although it is unknown if the restoration of Ice Hell is part of their goals.

Appearances in Other Media[]

Toriko: Gourmet Monsters[]

Ice Hell in Gourmet Monsters.

Ice Hell appears as a visitable location where players can capture rare beasts exclusive to the region.

Toriko: Bakushoku Gourmet Battle[]

Ice Hell appears as a visitable location where players can capture native beasts and ingredients.


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