Ice Mountain
Japanese アイスヘルの氷山
Romanized Aisuheru no Hyōzan
Location Ice Hell
Affiliation Gourmet Show Window
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 72
Anime Episode 27
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The Ice Mountain is the dangerous icy peak located at the center of Ice Hell, where many of the continent's harsh and deadly icy winds are formed from the geo-thermal vents interacting with the ice. The inner caves of this mountain were used by the "Gourmet Nobles" of the past to preserve food, which is what now makes up the "Gourmet Show Window", which, when melted by the geo-thermal vents deep below Ice Hell every 100 years, produces the legendary "Century Soup", however during this time, the winds that come from the Ice Mountain are far more deadly and powerful and can freeze any unprepared traveler in an instant.

The "Gourmet Show Window" was later destroyed by Teppei when it was clear that it could no longer produce soup, however the soup was later recreated by Komatsu and chosen as Toriko's soup dish.

The Ice Mountain, along with the rest of Ice Hell was later destroyed in its entirety by the Mounturtle when it rampaged out of the Gourmet World.



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