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Icefish soumen2
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Japanese 白魚 (しらうお) そうめん
Romanized Shirauo Sōmen
English Icefish Soumen
Aliases White Fish Noodles (dub)
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Type Fish
Capture Level 2
Length 12cm
Price 10 yen
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Manga Gourmet 184
Anime Episode 106
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Icefish Soumen (白魚 (しらうお) そうめん Shirauo Sōmen) are a special preparation ingredient used in Food Honor training in the Shokurin Temple.

They possess a smooth and slippery surface, so to pick one up, a lot of concentration is required. This is achieved through Food Honor. In the anime it was reveal that the chopstick that use to pick them up are icicles.

Icefish picked


  • The Icefish Soumen was created fan from Kanagawa.

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