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Fork-knife-icon  Ichiryu's Knife   Fork-knife-icon
Ichiryuu's Knife
Other Ichiryu's Knife
Creator(s) Melk the First
Owner Ichiryu
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 209
Anime Episode 123
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Ichiryu's Knife is a gigantic blade crafted for him by Melk the First, and it is Melk's greatest and final creation. It was created for the sole purpose of preparing the legendary ingredient and salad of Acacia's Full Course Menu, AIR. Brunch used this knife to prepare the atmosphere around AIR, to accelerate its ripening and help Komatsu during the preparation process.


The knife is a gigantic blade easily ten times larger than Ichiryu but has a handle small enough for him to hold it in his hand with his tremendous strength. The blade has elaborate and beautiful designs on its sides decorated with all manner of marvelous gems and lustrous patterns. The blade also appears to release a faint ethereal aura which shows just how powerful it and its wielder are.


Ichiryuu's Knife slices rain

The knife slices through the rain

Having been crafted by Melk the First, the best bladesmith in the world, and being capable of cutting Acacia's salad AIR, this knife is of the highest quality and possesses incredible sharpness. Even standing still, it sliced a droplet of the rain of Slow Rain Hills in half, and later when Ichiryu dropped it, it passed through the ground without leaving a crack, due to the extreme edge of the blade. The knife can also cut the air of its user's surroundings and if the air of an area filled with dense amounts of air which make movement and breathing difficult is cut it will allow for easier movements and breathing.

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