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Ichiryu's List is a list of Ingredients that Toriko was given for him to capture in the Human World as a form of training before entering the Gourmet World. Retrieving the ingredients is meant to acclimate his body to the variety of rapidly changing extreme conditions in the Gourmet World, with the added benefit that the ingredients may evolve his Gourmet Cells. There are seven ingredients on the list in total. They often require Toriko to work closely with his partner Komatsu and the other members of the Four Heavenly Kings; this may also be an intended effect of the list.

List ItemsEdit

Training Ingredients

1. Ozone HerbEdit

  • Captured by: Toriko and Komatsu.
  • Location: Vegetable Sky.
  • Purpose: Reaching Vegetable Sky forced Toriko to adapt to intensely cold, low-oxygen environments. It also teaches teamwork between the Chef and Bishokuya as the vegetable requires two people to peel and consume it.
  • This request was given to Toriko before Ichiryu gave him the complete list.

2. Melk StardustEdit

3. Mellow ColaEdit

  • Captured by: Toriko, Komatsu and Zebra.
  • Location: Gourmet Pyramid in the Sand Gardens.
  • Purpose: Travelling through Sand Garden caused Toriko to develop adaptations for water conservation in high-heat environments.
  • Komatsu also gained an ancient cook book.

4. Shining GouramiEdit

  • Captured by: Toriko, Komatsu and Sunny.
  • Location: Behind Death Falls in the Mors Mountain Range.
  • Purpose: The Death Falls served as a test of Toriko's strength and endurance, it also forced Toriko to adapt to extreme water pressure.
  • It was also secretly a test by Shokurin Temple's Master Chin Chinchin to determine Toriko and Komatsu's worthiness for his Food Honor training.

5. Meteor GarlicEdit

6. Bubble FruitEdit

  • Captured by: Toriko.
  • Location: Shokurin Temple in the Lost Forest.
  • Purpose: Toriko and Komatsu must master Food Honor before they can even touch this ingredient. Mastering it will dramatically increase the strength, precision, and delicacy of Toriko's techniques, while also dramatically reducing their caloric consumption as well as mastering the temple's secret technique, Food Immersion.
  • Komatsu's speed, precision and delicacy with his blade and concentration while cooking also increased dramatically, allowing him to effortlessly prepare difficult Special Preparation Ingredients.

7. Four BeastEdit

  • Captured by: Toriko, Sunny, Coco and Zebra
  • Location: Central Human World
  • Purpose: The Four Beast were assigned to Toriko and the other Heavenly Kings as a training Ingredient, for three reasons:
    • To prove them strong enough to fight Gourmet World creatures and thus enter the Gourmet World itself, while simultaneously protecting the Human World.
    • To have the Four Heavenly Kings work together.
    • To learn to properly use Appetite Energy in battle.
  • Komatsu also showed newly improved skill from his Food Honor training, showing simplified methods of cooking a Special Preparation ingredient.


  • Captured by: Toriko
  • Location: An east direction in the Human World, west of the 1st Biotope.
  • Purpose: Gaoh is one of the four creatures that was created by the true Four Beast which Toriko and the other Heavenly Kings had to defeat before facing the "Main Body". Toriko faced Gaoh, though it ran away to the "Main Body" before it was defeated.
  • The Four Beasts will also be test beasts for the Measuring Tongs, a device used to accurately measure Capture Levels above 100.


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