Ika full view
Japanese イカ
Romanized Ika
English Squid
Aliases Great King Enma (閻魔大王 Enma Daiō),
Soul Saiseiya
Race Unknown
Gender Male Male
Status Food Spirit
Height 40 m
Weight 2,500 t
Professional Status
Affiliation Back Channel
Occupation Judge of Souls,
Personal Status
Relatives Meyl (daughter)
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 346
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Ika (イカ), also known as Great King Enma (閻魔大王 Enma Daiō), is the judge of the World of Souls and is a Soul Saiseiya (魂の再生屋 Tamashī no Saiseiya).[1] His duty is to ensure whether or not souls can pass through the Food Spirit Doors.


Ika's face

Ika's face

Ika Gourmet 351

Ika Full view

Ika is a large Food Spirit who resembles a squid-like humanoid with a wrinkly face and bright eyes. He has a large flowing black beard and several tentacle-like arms. He wears a conical hat with the kanji for "king" () on it as well as a long robe.


Not much is known about his personality, but he is shown to be concerned about the world of the living and of Neo's return.

Power and AbilitiesEdit

Being the judge of souls, he is likely a very powerful being with great influence.



After Don Slime collected pieces of Acacia's Full Course, Ika spent years trying to revive and reproduce them.[2][3]


Lord Ika was first mentioned by his daughter Meyl at the Kitchen of Eternity after she saw many Appetite Demon spirits passing through Blue Grill's Food Spirit Door, and wondered if her father had let them pass. However she was quickly informed by one her helpers that Ika had sent no message of this.[4] Later Ika warned Don Slime that he should hurry because Neo was close to reviving. [3]

After Komatsu successfully prepared ANOTHER, its powerful flavor spread out throughout the World of Souls, allowing Ika and the rest of the forgotten souls within the realm to ascend to their true final resting place, much to Komatsu's shock.


  • Ika's title 閻羅大王 is a reference to Yama, the Hindu and Buddhist deity and judge of souls.
  • It was created by Inubuse Izuru of Osaka.


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