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Japanese インバイトデス
Romanized Inbaitodesu
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Type Mollusk Mammal Beast
Capture Level 140
Length 260m
Height 180m
Weight 2.700.000t
Habitat Gourmet World
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Manga Gourmet 194
Anime Episode 114
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Invite Death (インバイトデス Inbaitodesu) is one of the limbs of the Four Beast.


The Invite Death is a hairless, indigo and purple mollusk mammal beast, with two pieces of hair coming out of its snout-like nostrils, forming whiskers of a sort. The backside of the head shows several veins. The beast is quadrupedal, with all the legs resembling hoofs that are actually tendrils formed around large spikes within.

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Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The Invite Death comes from the Gourmet World, which shows proof of its incredible strength. It melted a tank of the army with its corrosive poison. It was also able to easily swim down the Death Falls, one of the world's biggest and deadliest waterfalls.

Antibodies: Invite Death can create a large number of antibodies to nullify poison effects.

It has two massive antennae coming out of its nostrils, which are able to continuously shoot large amounts of poison from its head that stores its dissolving and golden poison, and is capable of instantly melting any object. Invite Death also hides large spikes in the tendrils of its legs that it uses to drill through the ground and is able erode an entire continent with poison.

It is the second most powerful limb of the Four Beast, with a Capture Level of 140, as the Mount Turtle's level was never investigated in the anime but on the manga zebra said the capture level was 150.

As FoodEdit


While the manga and anime never reveals if the meat of the Invite Death is edible, the game Toriko: Gourmet Battle shows that its nostril meat is edible when detoxified and can be cooked smoked and made into delicious fillets called "Smoked Invite Death Nostrils" which, when served as the hors d'oeuvres, can grant the consumer heightened strength.


Four Beast ArcEdit

A hundred years ago, the Invite Death grew in the limbs of the Four Beast and was planted in the Gourmet World to enter the Human World to lead the humans into the center, so the Four Beast could eat them all. Invite Death entered the Human World from the North and came swimming down the Death Falls.[1] When the Allied Army Forces started to attack, the Invite Death was unfazed and melted the Mammoth Tanks that the Allied Forces mobilized against it, but stopped when Coco and Kiss showed up in its path. As Coco tried various poisons on it in order to defeat the beast, the Invite Death fired bullets of dissolving poison that seemed to destroy Coco and Kiss, however, the attack just hit a Poison Doll, and as Coco was about to unleash his trump card poison, the Invite Death pierced the ground with a spike hidden in its leg and eroded the land mass. Later during the fight, it was hit with Coco's Poison Virus which finds a poison that the there are no antibody in the victim, was on the arrowhead launched from his Poison Bow. The beast got weaker because the virus was creating a poison that the it could not counter with its antibodies, and was finished off by the Mold Spear Coco fired at it. After being defeated by Coco, Invite Death retreated and began heading towards the Four Beast's main body, where it was reabsorbed along with the Mount Turtle, King Octopus Kong, and Gaoh.


Invaitdeath submission

Invite Death submission

  • Created Shiga Prefecture's Penname 狗児十-san.


  1. Gourmet 194 - Invite Death appearance.

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