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Jack GM.png
Japanese ジャック
Romanized Jakku
Race Jack Elephant
Gender Male.png Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Ico bsk.png Gourmet Corp.
Occupation Animal Partner
Partner Grinpatch
Personal Status
Debut Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 62
Anime Debut Episode 22
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Jack is Grinpatch's pet Jack Elephant. The fact that he is Grinpatch's pet is quite surprising as the Gourmet Corp. are known to be cold and ruthless towards animals, although whether he truly does care for his "pet" or simply cares for him for as long as he is useful is not said.


He appears to have a very poor sense of direction as he easily got lost when searching for his master.

Powers and Abilities[]

He is a very large and powerful beast who is capable of even cutting down and carrying a stalk of Blue Blood Corn with ease.


BB Corn Arc[]

Jack was first mentioned by Grinpatch who was wondering if his pet had gotten lost again after sending it out to find the BB Corn. Later, after Grinpatch's battle with Toriko, Jack finally arrived carrying a huge stalk of BB Corn which delighted Grinpatch. He then got on his beast's back and went on his way.

Cooking Festival Arc[]

When Midora was about to attack the Cooking Island, Jack appeared carrying Grinpatch in order to escape from the Meteor Spice.

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