Janpin smiling
Japanese ジャンピン
Romanized 'Janpin'
Race Human
Gender Male Male
Status Alive
Professional Status
Affiliation Allied Forces Army
Occupation Fleet Admiral
Personal Status
Relatives None known
Debut Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 196
Anime Debut Episode 115
Japanese Voice Tanaka Kazunari
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Janpin (ジャンピン, Janpin) is the fleet admiral of the Human World's Allied Forces.[1]


Janpin appears to be a man of average height with brawny features. He has small thin eyes, a scruffy beard, large ears and cheekbones, and a very large mouth. His outfit consists of a high-ranking army uniform which naturally shows off his high standing, having epaulettes with "G"s embroidered on them, a long cape and a peaked cap with an emblem sporting a "G" in the middle.


Janpin is convinced that normal humans must defend the world from the wild beasts of Gourmet World alone using technology and not rely on the bishokuya of the IGO. For that reason he attacks the Four Beasts with all his forces despite it proving futile. After his army's defeat, he is happy to see the Four Heavenly Kings come to stop what he could not, likely showing a change of his views on bishokuya.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As the Fleet Admiral of the Allied Forces, Janpin has complete authority over the Human World's allied military forces, giving him complete control over their most powerful weapons (which includes lasers canons, satellite warships, giant tanks, GT Robos and the fastest jet fighters) and all ranks below his own. Because of his position it can be inferred that he may be a skilled military strategist. However, even the entirety of his army is completely powerless against the might of the creatures from Gourmet World.


Four Beast ArcEdit

When the Four Beasts invaded the Human World, Janpin took it upon himself to destroy them using the complete might of the Allied Army Forces, believing that it was humanity's duty to protect themselves from the Four Beasts rather than the responsibility of the IGO's Four Heavenly Kings. He then sent out his battalion of troops from land, sea and air to attack and then ordered the army's satellite warships to fire their laser canons, however all the Four Beasts were able to either dodge or take the full blunt of the lasers without being harmed, but nonetheless he continued to send waves of soldier-operated GT Robos to fight them in tanks and jets, but all proved unsuccessful. Finally beginning to panic, he began to lose hope and believed humanity had reached his limit, nearly forcing Janpin to give up. Once the Four Heavenly Kings arrived to take down the Four Beasts, Janpin rejoiced along with the rest of humanity.[2]


Janpin rejoices
Janpin overjoyed at the Four Beast's end


  1. Chapter 196, Janpin is introduced.
  2. Chapter 196, Janpin's counter against the Four Beasts fails, but hope is restored by the arrival of the Four Heavenly Kings.

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