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Japanese ゼリーフィッシュ
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Type Fish
Capture Level Below 1
Diet Unknown
Habitat Soda Water Lake
Related Lychozame
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Anime Episode 41
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Jelly Fishes (ゼリーフィッシュ) are a unique type of luminescent fish with the sweet and delicious taste of fruity jelly that can only be found in the candy-rich body of water known as Soda Water Lake. They often travel in schools.


Century Soup ArcEdit

After Toriko returned from his long recovery in Life, he went out to find sweet ingredients to use in rebuilding his Sweet's House. One of the ingredients he found was some Jelly Fishes.


Appearances in Other MediaEdit

Toriko: Gourmet BattleEdit

The Jelly Fish appears in Toriko: Gourmet Battle as an animal and collectible card in the game. Its card's statistics classify it as a "Speed" class beast. It also has a subspecies known as the Rainbow Jelly Fish (七色ゼリー・フィッシュ, Nanairo zerī fisshu).