Jidar Kingdom Royal Palace
Jidar Kingdom Royal Palace
Japanese ジダル王宮
Romanized Jidaru ohkyu
Location Jidar Kingdom (Human World)
Affiliation Darnil Kahn (formerly)
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 171
Anime Episode 96
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The Jidar Kingdom Royal Palace (ジダル王宮) was the official residence of the former ruler of the Jidar Kingdom, Darnil Kahn before he abandoned his throne. Joie, the leader of NEO also stayed in this palace during his time in the Human World where he served as Darnil Kahn's head chef.[1]


Jidar Kingdom Royal Palace Anime

The Palace at sunrise.

It is gigantic and lavish palace with a beautiful and detailed gourmet architecture when compared to the rest of the Jidar Kingdom which consisted mostly of run down buildings and tilting skyscrapers. Its interior was just as lustrous as its exterior, with walls and floors that shined like gold and glimmering chandeliers and furniture befitting a king.

After Darnil Kahn abandoned his kingdom, the Gourmet Yakuza and the Underground Cooking World took complete control over the kingdom's government and began reforming the country into a more prosperous country free of corruption and sinister crimes. What became of the palace afterwards remains unknown.



The palace was mainly inhabited by Darnil Kahn, his many servants and Joie. Kahn's servants were all mainly women dressed in maid outfits who were forced to obey his every whim while he nonchalantly abused them, such as spitting on them whenever they did something that displeased him. In the anime, he is also shown to have scantily clad female guards. After Kahn abandoned his palace, it is unknown what became of his servants.

Royal Palace Residents
DarnilKhanGC JoaMS JidarMaid1 JidarGuard1
Darnil Kahn Joie  ????*  ????*


  1. Chapter 171

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