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Jiji body view.png
Japanese ジジ
Romanized Jiji
English Jiji
Aliases Gold Chef (金のシェフ Kin no Shefu)
Race Nitro
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Height 168cm
Weight 350kg
Professional Status
Affiliation Flavor Sages;
Don Slime;
Gourmet Nobility
Occupation Flavor Sage
Personal Status
Relatives None known
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 298 (mentioned)
Chapter 325
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Jiji (ジジ) is a Nitro chef who is an ally of Chichi and Kaka, who together form the three "Flavor Sages". Jiji is ranked as the Gold Chef (金のシェフ Kin no Shefu) in the group.


Jiji is a short Nitro with long, brown fur and round hair which it keeps in a braided ponytail. It has a long, furry beak, giving it the appearance of a large beard, and long eyebrows which appearance as a mustache. Its eyes are buried beneath its thick fur.

It wears a sash around its waist and a purple cloak. When wearing casual attire, it tends to wear a rounded straw hat and a pair of dark colored shades which it wears above its eyebrows.


Jiji is an ally of Chichi and Kaka, and together they rebelled against the Blue Nitro, showing that Jiji was an individual of good morals. Jiji is a very relaxed Nitro as seen when it had a nice, calm fishing session when the skilled personnel of the Human World were threatened by the dangers of the Mother Tornado and Conveyor Belt Islands. It does prefer more exciting and fun adventures as it states to Komatsu that it would also prefer to have a more fun adventure during their travel to Area 6's ancient civilization. Much like Chichi and Kaka, Jiji is willing to assist those who are in need of its help, especially ones who go against the will of the Blue Nitro. Jiji will share its knowledge to its allies and would even prepare food for them despite only having met them. Despite its cheerful demeanor that it shares with Chichi, Jiji share's Kaka's bluntness when it comes to sharing information, especially when it involves decision making. Jiji also seems to be a capable leader as when it makes a decision, it will stick as it sees best, despite objections.

Powers and Abilities[]

Jiji is a master chef with millenniums worth of wisdom and experience. It is also the most knowledgeable of all the three Flavor Sages, as unlike Kaka and Chichi, Jiji knows how to prepare possibly all of Acacia's Full Course. Having the rank of "Gold Chef" is likely a sign of Jiji's masterful skill and experience as a chef. Being the author of the Ancient Cookbook, Jiji is also much wiser in comparison to its fellow Flavor Sages as when it wrote the Ancient Cookbook, it not only ensured that it recorded all of its special recipes and discoveries, but also wrote it in a form of code that only highly skilled chefs would be able to decipher, in order to assure that only the most skilled chefs would be able to attain its knowledge lest the book fall into the wrong hands.

Jiji also has a special ability which allows it to determine the capabilities of every person into whom it looks. When Jiji observes a person, it can tell the traits of a person, much like what would be seen on a Capture Ability Data albeit better. Jiji shares this ability with Morijii; however, Jiji has a much better understanding of a person's capability and their abilities. Jiji can also determine the best possible combination of Gourmet Hunter and Chef and, with its knowledge of Acacia's Full Course, which combination is best suited for capturing the dishes.


Jiji Back Channel.png

Back Channel (裏のチャンネル Ura no Channeru): Having eaten ANOTHER and NEWS, Jiji can generate its own Back Channel to hide and protect itself and others from external threats.[1]



During the time when the Gourmet Nobility rose to power and enslaved all of their own kind, Jiji, Chichi, and Kaka were renowned chefs known as Flavor Sages who traveled across the world, discovering rare and delicious ingredients. During their time with the Blue Nitro, the three Flavor Sages would eventually discover the true goals of their higher authorities and due to this knowledge, they betrayed the Blue Nitro in order to oppose their ideals.

At an unknown time, Jiji would become the author of the Ancient Cookbook, recording as much information as he could within the cookbook and leaving vital information on how to prepare particular ingredients. He also learned of the different methods on how to prepare Acacia's Full Course Menu; however, it is unknown if he recorded these methods within the cookbook. At an unknown point, Jiji and presumably the other sages, served in the Nitro palace that would later become the Gourmet Pyramid where they recorded countless recipes on the palace walls in the form of hieroglyphics. Jiji left his Ancient Cookbook within the Gourmet Pyramid.

After betraying the Blue Nitro, the Flavor Sages encountered Ichiryu, who protected and named them.[2]

PAIR Arc[]

Jiji is first mentioned by "Kaka" as one of the Flavor Sages. He is later mentioned again by the real Kaka along with Chichi and how they rebelled against the Blue Nitro.


When Kaka is attacked and taken to Area 6 by Joie, the group worry as they learn from their spy, Kuriboh, that there is merely a month until the next Gourmet Solar Eclipse occurs. Worried about the short amount of time they have, the Human World's skilled personnel decided to split up in order to find each of Acacia's Full Course in order to beat NEO; however, due to having no knowledge on how to capture or how to prepare each of the food, the group worry that splitting up would still cause problems. A Food Spirit informs the group that within Area 6 there is a possibility that they will find Jiji, the Golden Chef of the three Flavor Sages. The Food Spirit continues to inform the Heavenly Kings that if they manage to find Jiji within the lands of Area 6, it will be possible for them to learn all of the methods to prepare Acacia's Full Course. The Food Spirit also informs the group that out of all the three chefs, it was Jiji that authored the Ancient Cookbook located deep within the Gourmet Pyramids.

When all of Human World's skilled personnel depart for Area 6, their first task is to locate ANOTHER's true location. Having learned the location of ANOTHER is within the Black Triangle, they proceed to find ANOTHER. However as they proceed, they are met with Mother Tornadoes. As they proceed to lower themselves to avoid the tornadoes and attempt to land on one of the Merry-Go Lands, they are ambushed by Namibouzus. With the help of Starjun and Brunch, they avoid one attack; however, they could not avoid multiple numbers. Fortunately for them, a man on an island with a Gunman Sunfish catches their attention. As they look, it was no man that they meet but rather a Nitro. As Komatsu looks toward the island, he instantly recognizes the Nitro as none other than Jiji himself, who is fishing on one of the Merry-Go Lands.

After having helped the Human World's personnel from the dangers, Jiji welcomes them inside his personal Camping Monster, the Magneticlam. Having been waiting for the group to arrive, Jiji prepared them food and asked them to relax as they are safe within the Magneticlam's Rest Room. Komatsu questions whether the Nitro they have just met was indeed Jiji and Starjun confirms his identity as he realizes that Jiji had used Puzzle Planktons in order to prepare the soup, an ingredient that takes special cooking skills in order to unleash its full taste. With the people settling down, Komatsu tells Jiji of the Ancient Cookbook which he found, asking if Jiji was indeed the author of it. Jiji is surprised as the cookbook was found by none other than Komatsu. Jiji states that he wrote all of his important recipes in the cookbook in a code form that only highly skilled chefs could decipher however the book was stolen from him hundreds of years ago, complimenting Komatsu for finding what he lost. As Komatsu asks about the cookbook, Jiji states that Komatsu has no need for it as Komatsu's own skills have improved beyond what the cookbook can teach, and due to this, the Blue Nitro await for Komatsu to prepare further good taste from Acacia's Full Course. Coco questions Jiji if he knows where the rest of Acacia's Full Course is and Jiji states that he has a general idea. Toriko then joins the conversation, stating that their time is short due to the Gourmet Solar Eclipse coming within one month. Jiji worries about the situation but he nonetheless complies to give the location to the rest of Acacia's Full Course, with him deciding on who will go to capture which ingredient. He uses his ability to determine a person's capability in order to create a combination of Gourmet Hunter and Chef which would be best suited capture Acacia's Full Course Menu. His first conclusion is that majority of the skilled personnel stay within Area 6 as the presence of an Eight King, the Whale King Moon, may cause them difficulty. After his first conclusion, he creates an elite combo of Chef and Gourmet Hunter who are to capture the rest of Acacia's Full Course Menu. He forms Zebra and Brunch and tasks them to go to Area 5, the Food Region Forest, in order to capture NEWS. The next combination he forms is Sunny and Livebearer who are to go to Area 4, the Gourmet Garden, in order to capture EARTH. Afterwards he partners Coco with Tylan, who will capture ATOM in Area 3, the Developmental Fever Bridge. Finally he forms the combo of Toriko and Starjun, who will be going to Area 2, the Continent of Beginnings, in order to capture GOD. With his final decision made (albeit with some objections), he then states that once all of the ingredients have been gathered and prepared, they will venture to Area 1 where Acacia's Hors d'oeuvre, CENTER, is located.

After having decided to the teams which will go to the other areas of Gourmet World, Jiji prepares everyone for their missions. When everyone finished their preparations, Jiji instructs the Heavenly Kings and their respective chef partner to frequently use their Riddle Chapters in order to ensure that the information that is exchanged is frequently shared between each teams. With preparations ready, he finally sends the Heavenly Kings and their respective partners to their next mission, providing them with Camping Monsters for their travel (except for Toriko and Starjun) and wishing them Food Luck. With the Heavenly Kings and their partners having departed, he begins to share information to the rest of the skilled personnel of the Human World, who are joining his party in order to acquire ANOTHER. He shares information about the entrance to the Back Channel; there are four doors which they can use to enter the Back Channel itself. He states that three of the doors are actually located on the three islands that make up the Black Triangle however they are the most dangerous to enter due to their locations having destructive weather phenomena or extremely powerful beasts lurking about them. As he continues, he believes that even if they can use the entrances, he believes it is better not to expose the party to such dangers and so he picks the location of the fourth door which the party will use to enter. He reveals that the location of the fourth door is actually within the ancient civilization of Area 6, the Blue Grill, hidden beneath the waters of Area 6. He then says that much like the Human World, the Blue Grill thrive as a civilization and have many masterful chefs, and that they are no less busier than the Human World during the peak of the great Gourmet Age. As Komatsu becomes excited over their new adventure, Jiji shares his excitement, hoping that their adventure would indeed be fun. As they continue their travel, Jiji tells the people to 'fasten their aprons' as they travel to Area 6's Black Triangle.

With all groups heading for their specified destinations, the Human World skilled personnel continue their travels beneath the depths of the Black Triangle. As everyone becomes surprised at the Black Triangle's immense darkness, Jiji explains to the group that their metaphoric description of the Black Triangle are quite apt. Jiji tells the nickname of the Black Triangle, the Soup Stock Sea and explains the purpose of the Black Triangle to everyone, informing them of how the Black Triangle's differing flavors flow around the world and even stating how great chefs created their Full Course entirely out of ingredients found within the Black Triangle. He then continues to share information to everyone regarding the Golden Cookware as well as how ANOTHER is the only ingredient within the physical world to enter the Back Channel and be consumed by Food Spirits. As he continues to share his info, the group become distracted by a bright light within the depths of the Black Triangle. Jiji realizes that they have passed the Stardust River of a young ANOTHER. With everyone showing their motivations for travelling to Gourmet World, Komatsu sees a large, eerie creature lurking. As Komatsu is shocked by its gigantic appearance, Jiji tells everyone that the creature they saw is the Corgolem, a member of the Seven Beasts. He further explains who the Seven Beasts are and their purpose around Area 6. As Komatsu questions the existence of an underwater civilization within a sea of monsters, Don Slime responds to him and Jiji introduces the Food Spirit to everyone. Don Slime whispers to Jiji something important which worries the Nitro. Everyone then arrives on the roof of Blue Grill; however as they enter, a piece of the Corgolem continues to pursue them.

With everyone finally arriving at Blue Grill, they are ambushed by the piece of the Corgolem but are saved from harm as it is diced to pieces before it can move. With the sudden show of skill, Jiji sees the excitement in the heart of Komatsu, comparing his excitement to that of Ichiryu. Damala Sky XIII asks if they are the first humans to arrive since Ichiryu to Blue Grill, and Jiji informs that there were injured humans which were transported to Blue Grill before them. As everyone enters the town, Jiji is greeted by many Blue Grill residents. Jiji becomes entertained when everyone becomes excited. When Match sees Komatsu helping the Blue Grill, Jiji also sees the other chefs helping out, stating that they will all need to show their chef skills in order to enter the Back Channel.

Having show off their skills, the Blue Grill residents become quickly informed of their presence. Jiji joins the rest of the Human World skilled personnel on one of the five Ten-Shell restaurants in Blue Grill. With everyone becoming more curious about Blue Grill's civilization, Jiji tells them that Blue Grill has an entire habitat built within it as well as a population of five-hundred million, stating it is no different to the Human World. When Melk the Second asks how such a civilization exists, Jiji tells them it is the work of Food Spirits of every kind. Jiji then tells everyone that the Giant Shell is beginning to rest hence the luminescence is beginning to dim much like sunset in the Human World, he then tells everyone that they will soon see the secrets of Blue Grill. As the sun finally sets, Food Spirits of every kind appear. With the Food Spirit's presence, the Seven Shell chef, Mari, asks for Jiji's approval to test the Human World chefs in their cooking skills in order to help them enter the Back Channel by pitting them against the Blue Grill's Top Five, Ten-Shelled Rank chefs.

The Human World Chefs and the Blue Grill Chefs begin their match the next day and all of Blue Grill as well as Don Slime watch as the chefs battle it out to test the Human World chefs abilities. However as the the tournament continued, the Blue Grill begins to shake showing Moon's activity, Don Slime's men warns Don Slime of the activities of the Food Spirits. The tournament is postponed and Jiji joins Don Slime and the chefs to investigate the cause of the disturbance with the Food Spirits. After controlling the situation Jiji and Don Slime conclude that the Food Spirits were fleeing from something Moon ate. Damala worries over what is happening behind the Food Spirit Doors and begins to question Jiji as to what the Blue Grill's true goal is.

Damala questions Jiji about the Back Channel and the World of Souls, Jiji answers that while the two sound different, they fall in the same category. Jiji further explains his answer by using ANOTHER as an example as when ANOTHER surpassed the speed of light, it created a special kind of space as Jiji describes it which is known to many as the Back Channel. Yuda questions how his adversary could create the Warp Kitchen which is similar to the Back Channel yet Food Spirits can only enter through the Food Spirit Doors. Jiji answers by stating that behind the Food Spirit Door exists a world where the concept of time doesn't exist as only consciousness can reach it. Rin questions how the Blue Grill chefs could use the Warp Kitchen and Asarudy shows them the Eternity Kitchen, Jiji states that Blue Grill is cooking in the same manner the Blue Nitro many years ago. As the group look toward the horizon, they see AIR prepared to its full taste by Komatsu.

When the Blue Grill chefs taste the fully cooked AIR which Komatsu had prepared, Jiji questions if it's indeed the real 120% taste. The chefs confirm that they had never tasted AIR in such a manner and even praise the Human chefs for their abilities. Jiji then proposes they bring all of the chefs as they will need all the assistance they can get however they don't have the tools they need to proceed. After the Blue Grill chefs confirm Komatsu's cooking, Jiji gives Komatsu counterfeit signatures of the Blue Grill which Komatsu accepts as it is Jiji's handwriting. After discovering the method to cook GOD, Komatsu confirms the method from the Ancient Cookbook and Jiji also confirms it as their method of cooking GOD as their old method of using other creatures proved inefficient. Komatsu questions if there is a method which requires no sacrifice and Jiji confirms that there is as Froese had once done it but neither the Flavor Sages nor Blue Nitro know of the method. Due to having no knowledge, Chin Chinchin and the other Human World personnel offer themselves as potential fertilizers to revive a fragment of GOD using Food Immersion. Jiji, pleased with everyone's assistance, then tells the true dangers of their work in Area 6, cooking ANOTHER, which takes 600 thousand years. Jiji proposes using the World of Souls as their kitchen as time is near zero existence in there but they lack the Golden Cookware to bring to the World of Souls. Aimaru volunteers with his Gourmet Knights to obtain the materials they need from the Seven Beasts. Kuriboh and Melk the Second offer their abilities to make the Golden Cookware and Komatsu assures that all the chefs will cook ANOTHER which pleases Jiji.

With everyone assisting the people of Blue Grill in preparing parts of Acacia's Full Course, Pukin alerts everyone regarding the Gourmet Knights. She learns of the warp in time and space within the Seven Beasts and Jiji comes to confirm what Pukin had learned. Jiji knew of the circumstances regarding the collection of Golden Cookware materials but chose not to inform the Gourmet Knights to test their abilities and resolve. He states that there is no concrete time to complete the cooking the parts of Acacia's Full Course or ANOTHER therefore he tested the resolve of the Gourmet Knights by not informing them of the time warps. Despite the Gourmet Knights pulling the materials they need for 10 years within the time space of six of the Seven Beasts, Damala assures Jiji that the Gourmet Knights have the resolve to achieve the task. Nono concerns whether they will age within the warped time within the Seven Beasts but Jiji tells her that they will age in the same manner as they do in the surface as they originate there but the sensation will feel as if 10 years have passed.

When the Gourmet Knights return from their task, Jiji comes to the chefs to describe what they are cooking within the World of Souls. He tells them of how ANOTHER revives the tongue of an Appetite Demon as well as how it allows for new taste to be witnessed, making it possibly more important than GOD. He then informs of the chefs that the parts of Acacia's Full Course has been completely cooked thanks to Komatsu thanks to the voices. When the chefs question the voices, Jiji tells them that they will know the answer if they go to the World of Souls.

After Kuriboh, Melk, and Pukin finish preparing the Golden Cookware, Jiji leads the chefs back to the Food Spirit Door along with their Golden Cookware. As the chefs enter the door, the chefs bodies become vacant and Jiji quickly tells the people who stayed in the physical world to hide the bodies of the chefs within the Urcharlic Beds to prevent them being possessed.

Just after Jiji had hidden the bodies within the Urcharlic Beds, he sees the Food Spirit Door destroyed before him with the chefs coming back to their bodies. Due to ANOTHER's cooking being completed, all of the Food Spirit Doors were destroyed but Jiji assures everyone that the World of Spirits remains. He then assures that Don Slime is also present around them and the true project of Blue Grill was to revive Don Slime's and feed his host. After mentioning Don Slime's former host Ichiryu, Don Slime appears and shocks Jiji and everyone else when he states that Asarudy will become his host.

After ANOTHER had been successfully cooked, Jiji informs that the dead can no longer be revived due to having the Food Spirit Doors destroyed. Both the Four Heavenly King's Support Group and the chefs of Blue Grill journey to the surface with Jiji joining them. Jiji informs Komatsu of why Don Slime has such an extreme appetite as well as why Asarudy's body was able to host Don Slime. When the chefs experience a sudden change in their bodies, Jiji explains that it is due to the effects of time distortions due to their travels in the Back Channel and assures them they will be back to normal after reaching the surface.

Having reached the surface once, the Four Heavenly King's Support Group and the Blue Grill Chefs quickly travel to the locations of the Four Heavenly Kings via the Back Channel. Their first stop is Area 5 where Zebra and Brunch managed to prepare NEWS due to the Deer King and its beasts focusing on the Neo piece that fell on the area, about which Jiji knew thanks to Don Slime. After reaching Area 4 where Sunny and Live Bearer had captured and prepared EARTH, Sunny berates Jiji for not informing them of the Cave of Old Age, which Jiji states seemed to be no problem for the Heavenly King and the chef. When they reach Area 3, Coco and Tyran have already finished with ATOM. The rest of the group decide to bring the rest of Acacia's Full Course Menu back to the Human World, while Jiji decides to guide the Heavenly Kings and Komatsu towards Area 2 where Toriko and Starjun await. While they travel to Area 2, Jiji fears that Neo will soon revive completely and tells the Heavenly Kings to preserve their energy as they may be the ones who will fight Neo.[1]

As they continue their travel, Jiji takes the opportunity to inform the Heavenly Kings of Neo's history and how it all ties to Gourmet Cells as well as the Nitro. Before he decides to tell about Neo itself, Jiji gives history on the methods of how the Nitro cultivated planets into abundance using Demons as a way of creating stress via fear in order to unleash tastes in different organic lifeforms. He then proceeds to tell the story of the Nitro's biggest mistake during one of their cultivations, giving Neo its freedom. Despite telling the group of Neo's ferocity and how it ended many worlds, Jiji notices that the group were not at all concerned over the matter. [3]

Having reached the lands of Area 2, Toriko catches scent of the group Jiji had been hiding within his Back Channel. After a brief catching up between each other, eventually the group set themselves a feast with four of Acacia's Full Course as their main menu. Jiji protects the Heavenly Kings, Komatsu, Aimaru and Starjun using his generated Back Channel as the group have their feast. Jiji comments that even in the darkest of times, it is still the afternoon and that the group should enjoy the final light Earth has to offer.

Having four of Acacia's Full Course at their feast, the group enjoy their meal. As the group continue to eat Acacia's Full Course, their Appetite Demons continue to awaken and Jiji begins telling the history of each Appetite Demon within the Four Heavenly Kings. He shares the history and the powers of each Appetite Demon within the Heavenly Kings and finishes with commenting about Toriko's other Appetite Demon. After the group finish their meal, Komatsu presents the group with one more ingredient, the ingredient hidden in the Golden Can Komatsu had bought from Area 8. Jiji becomes alert in regards to the can's content as Komatsu opens it. When Komatsu finally opens the can, Jiji is surprised to see that an extinct creature, the Ougai, was hidden inside the Golden Can. Having seen the Ougai, Jiji comments on the creature's demonic appetite and near infinite stomach. He asks Toriko if there is meat within the Ougai and Toriko pulls out the condensed content of the shellfish. Jiji then tells the nickname of the Ougai due to its history of eating long lost taste, the Memories of Distant Seas. With Toriko choosing it for his Fish Dish, the group share their own Full Course Menu with each other but Jiji still remains concerned about the Golden Can's content, remembering a Demon sealed in a Golden Can similar to one Komatsu had opened.

GOD Arc[]

Neo eats Jiji.

As Jiji prepares to tell Starjun and Otake how to prepare GOD, Neo appears behind the Nitro. In that moment, it reflects on its past with Ichiryu, who named and protected it, but instead of clinging to those thoughts, it focuses on passing on GOD's cooking method.[4] In the tenth of a second before Neo completely consumes it, Jiji is able to communicate the method subtly to the Heavenly Kings through smell, sound, sight, and touch.[5]


Jiji's data

  • The name "Jiji" is likely a reference to the Japanese slang word for "grandpa" or "old man".
  • His overall appearance seems to change quite a bit whenever his eyes are hidden or exposed. He looks rather frail and weak whenever his eyes are hidden, but looks a lot stronger whenever his eyes are exposed. The reasons for this are currently unknown.


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