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Joejoe Full.png
Japanese ジョージョー
Romanized Jōjō
English Joejoe
Race Human (Mutant)
Gender Male.png Male
Birthday February 8th
Status Alive
Blood Type O
Professional Status
Affiliation NEO
Gourmet Corp. (defected)
Occupation NEO Mechanic
Personal Status
Relatives None known
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 29
Anime Episode 2
Japanese Voice Shimada Bin
English Voice Brad Venable
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Joejoe (ジョージョー Jōjō) is a mysterious old man who worked for the Gourmet Corp. as its mechanical expert and monitored their GT Robos for them. In truth though, he had actually been hypnotized and under the control of the dark organization NEO for an unknown amount of time while still within the Gourmet Corp..


Joejoe Expressions.png

Joejoe is an old wrinkly man with a hunched posture and light purple skin who wears a dark brown robe that covers the majority of his body. He has no visible pupils and his mouth appears to be partially stitched closed. He always carries a large purple-colored wooden walking stick with him.

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As a member of the Gourmet Corp., he displayed a lot of loyalty towards Starjun, as he warned him not to remove the pain limiters on his GT Robo and stood up for him after his failure to capture the Jewel Meat.

While under NEO's control, Joejoe is a deceitful and conniving genius who managed to maintain trust within the Gourmet Corp. and pass off as one of its loyal minions for quite some time without suspicion and feigning genuine loyalty to his superiors. It is unknown for how long he has been under their control, but under their influence he is completely loyal to them and had secretly been aiding them in creating a spaceship to further their own goals. While under their control, he showed no signs of concern or loyalty to his former Gourmet Corp. allies.

Powers and Abilities[]

Joejoe is a skilled mechanic and apparently a technological genius capable of repairing and manufacturing vast armies of powerful and gigantic GT Robos for the Gourmet Corp.'s use. He appeared to have made Grinpatch's straw and was responsible for the manufacturing of Scum Beasts as well, showing how adept he is at biological engineering as well. He also created NEO's Ark, a large transport vehicle for the NEO organization with the capacity to take them to the elusive Ends of the Earth.

Gourmet Cells[]

Joejoe Chameleon form

Either due to him eating some of Acacia's Full Course or to Joie's modifications, he can turn parts of his body into that of his Appetite Demon's, including a chameleon-like tongue, which revives when cut.[1]


The following section is non-canon, therefore it is not considered part of the original story.

Galala Gator Arc[]

In the anime, one of Joejoe's spy robots is shown witnessing Toriko defeating the Garara Gator. Joejoe reports this to Starjun, seeming to express disappointment that it was not a more impressive ingredient that caused the disturbances in the Baron Archipelago.

Rainbow Fruit Arc[]

In the anime, after Toriko's capture of the Rainbow Fruit, Starjun finally decides to make his move and orders Joejoe to prepare his GT Robo.

This non-canon section ends here.

Blue Blood Corn Arc[]

During his encounter with Toriko, Grinpatch mentions that it was Joejoe who made him his powerful straw from the proboscis of a Devil Mosquito.

Regal Mammoth Arc[]

Joejoe is first seen when Starjun arrives at the Gourmet Corp. 6th Branch asking about the current progress of the Regal Mammoth mission. Joejoe explains the current progress, and upon hearing it Starjun orders Joejoe to prepare for him a GT Robo so he can aid in the mission and have a better chance at success.

Century Soup Arc[]

Joejoe is seen standing alongside Starjun in the banquet hall of the Gourmet Corp.'s Human World HQ, during the Gourmet Corp. meeting. When Grinpatch arrives, he asks Joejoe to repair his straw which had been damaged in his battle with Toriko, which he accepts.

Meteor Garlic Arc[]

Joejoe is seen greeting Niceny upon arriving at the Gourmet Corp. Dining Kitchen. He escorts him through the area and shows him the large amount of progress they have made with the newest models of GT Robos. He takes him to the lounge area, where Tommyrod and Starjun are waiting for them, and they discuss the next phase of their plan which involves kidnapping the chefs from the IGO Chef Ranking. Joejoe notes that capturing the likes of Setsuno, Zaus, Yuda, Kurakage, Wabutora, Moh, Tylan, and Livebearer will prove very difficult.

Cooking Festival Arc[]

Joejoe is later seen in a Gourmet Corp. facility talking to an unknown person on a communicator, explaining the situation at the Cooking Stadium. As he asks the person that he does not need to show up, Joejoe is surprised by the fact that the unknown person is looking for someone there. Joejoe is later revealed to have had his "taste changed" and been made a member of NEO at an unknown period and had been working with them for quite some time in order to create a spaceship "ark" to take them to the Ends of the Earth.

AIR Arc[]

Joejoe waits with other NEO members while Joie converses with the Gourmet Nobility on the Dining Planet.[2]


When Teppei attempts to escape NEO Headquarters with Nakaume, he is confronted by Mohyan Shaishai, Joejoe, Kousairou, and Zaus. Teppei tries cutting Joejoe's chameleon tongue but its healing is too fast. However, Alfaro's Golden Plate severs the tongue, freeing Teppei. In preparation to attack Alfaro, Joejoe grows more tongues from his mouth but is taken out quickly by Midora.[3] After Midora kills him twice, Joejoe is revived by his Life Orbs.[4]


  • His voice actor also voices Morita.


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