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Johannes Anime Design
Japanese ヨハネス
Romanized Yohanesu
Race Human
Gender Male.png Male
Birthday April 3rd
Status Alive
Blood Type AB
Professional Status
Affiliation Ico igo.png IGO
Occupation IGO Development Bureau Chief
(former) IGO's Food Development Department Chief
Personal Status
Relatives None known
Debut Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 3
Anime Debut Episode 3
Japanese Voice Kawada Shinji
English Voice Robert McCollum
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Johannes is the chief of the IGO's Development Bureau (formerly Food Development Department) and usually acts as the voice and direct agent of the Board of Committee, usually caring out their requests. He is also a friend and ally of Toriko and is Komatsu's superior and normally entrusts both with important assignments.


Johannes Expressions.png

Johannes is a pale-skinned man with chiseled features and brushed back black hair. He is always seen dressed in formal wear, complete with a black suit, black shoes, white shirt and a red tie, along with a pair of sleek sunglasses, giving him the appearance of a secret agent.

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He is a strict, serious and by-the-book man who maintains a professional attitude at all times. As he is always seen working it is unknown if he maintains this attitude off duty. He is however selfless and courageous, and always puts the safety and needs of others first before anything and tries to make sure the IGO does what's best for the populace.


Rainbow Fruit Arc[]

He appears with Komatsu at the World Kitchen. He then tells Toriko about the Rainbow Fruit, and requests that Toriko retreive the Rainbow Fruit from a colony of Troll Kongs in the eighth biotope. He then takes Toriko to the eighth Biotope

Regal Mammoth Arc[]

He is seen complaining about eight biotope issue to Toriko. He explains about Regal mammoth in eight biotope and takes them (Toriko and Komatsu) along with him. He takes them to Gourmet Coliseum, where details would be explained by the chief Mansam.

Johannes says about first biotope. He says to Komatsu that he can't enter the place simply, because he is an five star chef. Though Toriko cares nothing and takes him along with him. The research facility has an spacious space with an Gourmet technology. It is said by Johannes that about thirty percent of food is available here, though they are only for study.

BB Corn Arc[]

In the anime, Johannes escorted Komatsu and Tina to the Wul Jungle in the Northern Wul Continent on request in order to find the Wulstar Sauce Fruit that Komatsu needed to finish his dish of Bubbly Tuna for president Dohem.

Century Soup Arc[]

In the anime, after Rin heard from Coco that Toriko lost his arm in Ice Hell, she ordered Johannes to take her to Life in an IGO helicopter to see Toriko. Later on, an annoyed Johannes can be seen flying back home complaining about Rin driving her employees to hard while exhaustively mimicking Rin's voice.

Meteor Garlic Arc[]

Johannes finding some Ginguts Fruits.

In the anime, Johannes was ordered by Gourmet Seven member Patch to be escorted to Death Season Forest during the Freeze Season's calm so he could find the rare Sweet Dew Tree for the IGO's big Christmas delivery to all the poor nations of the world. However they got lost on the way and bishokuyas that accompanied them lost track of them and reported this to warden Love of Honey Prison, who then called on the Four Heavenly Kings (minus Zebra who refused to come) along with Rin and Komatsu to go find Johannes and Patch. Eventually they find the two lost in the snow field near the Sweet Dew Tree, but Patch exclaims that they cannot go until they find ingredients that compliment the tree, much to Johannes frustration. After some searching the group manages to find enough delicious and sweet ingredients to turn the Sweet Dew Tree into a festive Christmas tree which Patch plans to have shipped off along with the rest of the ingredients for the IGO's big Christmas delivery.

Four Beast Arc[]

He appears to Komatsu and the other Chefs, saying he wanted to gather more superior class chefs but could not. When Chef Sumire states that they can only make 50 million portions of Medical Mochi Johannes states they will need pick 50 million people to save. He is as surprised as the rest of the chefs when Komatsu is able simplify the process of the Medical Mochi.

Cooking Fest Supply Arc[]

Johannes requests the 4 kings To supply ingredients for the Cooking Fest. He is later seen yelling at Toriko and Komatsu for eating 'Mon Planc' and leaving nothing behind nothing but the bur.

Cooking Festival Arc[]

After the dreadful event at Cooking Fest and the disaster caused by Midora's Meteor Spice, the IGO began to desperately work harder than ever to ensure that order and stability remained within the Human World, however due to the assassination of the Board of Directors by the traitorous director Uumen Umeda, this left only Ray and Johannes to direct the staff at IGO Headquarters and handle the revival of Chief Mansam. Luckily they were eventually able to restore him with enough liquor to stimulate the regenerative properties of his Gourmet Cells. Upon regaining consciousness, they informed him of the recent events such as the death of the directors and the current food shortage. Mansam then ordered the two to prepare the emergency storage food and have it distributed to all the affected countries in order to protect the food circulation and peace of the world.

Billion Bird Arc[]

Johannes appear he reported Mansam that the status of the Capture Level Measuring Device is nearly complete.

Anime and Manga Differences[]

  • The scene where Johannes escorts Toriko and Komatsu to the 8th Biotope during the Rainbow Fruit Arc and has a conversation with them on the way is not shown.

Appearances in Other Media[]

Toriko 3D Movie[]

He makes a brief cameo in the film Toriko 3D Movie: Kaimaku! Gourmet Adventure!! in the ending credits, where he is escorting Toriko and Komatsu to the 8th Biotope.


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