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Japanese カイトラ
Romanized Kaitora
English Kaitora
Race Human (Mutant)
Gender Male Male
Birthday 8th January
Status Alive
Blood Type B
Professional Status
Affiliation NEO
Gourmet Corp. (betrayed)
Occupation Saiseiya
Personal Status
Relatives None known
Debut Appearance
Manga Debut Gourmet 171
Anime Debut Episode 97
Japanese Voice Shirakawa Shusaku
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Kaitora (カイトラ) was the Exclusive Saiseiya of the Gourmet Corp.. In truth though, he was brainwashed into being a member of NEO and serves their organization.


Kaitora 3

Kaitora's face up-close.

Kaitora is an inhuman-looking man with dark bluish-green skin, six arms, yellow eyes with no visible pupils, and a pot belly. He appears to have no visible mouth but is still capable of speech. He has decorative tattoos on all his arms that trail all the way up to the sides of his head. He wears a polka-dotted kitchen apron, elf-like chef's hat and shoes, a bib, and no shirt.

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He appears to be a calm, composed and fearless individual who even kept his composure when in the presence of Ichiryu and his great power, but aside from this not much is known about his full personality. He seems to know Yosaku as the latter wanted to ask him a question, but to what extent the relationship goes is unknown at the moment. He has the habit to fold his four inferior arms in a conversation.

Abilities and Powers[]

As a Saiseiya, Kaitora has many techniques and carries various equipment used to revive ingredients. Being the only one in the upper ranks of the Gourmet Corp., he is likely to be very skilled and strong. He is extremely skilled at using his whip, moving it in very complex patterns and catching Yosaku's arm while he was punching. He is also very strong, succeeding in severin the saiseiya's limb, and durable, recovering quickly from a strong blow to the head. Kaitora is an excellent sensor as demonstrated when he could accurately tell that the match between Ichiryu and Midora was over and that the latter had won, while Yosaku did not perceive anything.


Aside from his reviving devices, Kaitora carries around a thorny whip similar to Jerry Boy's.


Kaitora using Tablecloth2

Tablecloth (テーブルクロス Tēburukurosu): Kaitora produces a long, sticky and sheet-like substance from his hand that automatically spreads on the ground at a great speed. When used in combination with Kariu's Fly Net it is supposedly to be impossible to escape from once touched.[1]

Root of Thorns

Root of Thorns (いばら Ibara no Ne): Kaitora ensnares an opponent's limb with his thorny whip and rips the limb off.[2]


Meteor Garlic Arc[]

He is first seen with other Gourmet Corp. members when Ichiryu shows up.[3] He uses Tablecloth and Kariu uses Flynet to trap Ichiryu in a sticky cage. However, Ichiryu is able to escape the cage.[4]

Cooking Festival Arc[]

Kaitora is seen in Sector G, Gourmet Garden, along with two Gourmet Corp. members when he was about to confront Yosaku and Manan as the two Biotope 0 members were going to capture EARTH. As the Exclusive Saiseiya declares they will not be able to revive the lives they are about to lose, Yosaku tells he has something to ask him.[5] Kaitora reveals to Yosaku that Mohyan Shaishai is also part of NEO. After Yosaku expresses surprise at this comment, he is attacked from behind by an unknown assailant.[6]



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