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For the Blue Nitro who poses as Kaka, see ATOM (Nitro).

Japanese カカ
Romanized Kaka
Aliases Silver Chef (銀のシェフ Gin no Shefu)[1]
Race Nitro (Food Spirit)
Gender Genderless
Age Over 100
Status Deceased
Height 170cm
Weight 380kg
Professional Status
Affiliation Flavor Sages;
Gourmet Nobility
Occupation Flavor Sage
Personal Status
Relatives None known
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 319
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Kaka (カカ) is a female Nitro and chef, and with Chichi and Jiji, they formed the three Flavor Sages. She is ranked as the Silver Chef (銀のシェフ Gin no Shefu) in the group. Currently Kaka is a Food Spirit, having been killed long ago by the Blue Nitro.

During the events of the PAIR Arc, ATOM poses as Kaka in order to deceive the Four Heavenly Kings and kidnap Komatsu.


Kaka's color scheme.

Kaka is a slender, feminine-looking Nitro with pink fur, long eyelashes, a smooth beak and numerous wrinkles near her eyes. Her outfit consists of a white turban covering her head and a white cloak that covers her body. She wears a white sash around her waist to match her cloak and turban and supports a holster around her right leg which carries a variety of cooking equipment.

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Kaka watching over the Heavenly Kings.

Whilst there is little information on who Kaka is, she is shown as a calm and collected person. She speaks bluntly in when it comes to information regarding preparing ingredients and will admit that if an ingredient is of highest quality (such as PAIR) then it is only right for a chef to be able to prepare with extreme amounts of time. She is also calmer when someone is hostile against her in comparison to her Blue Nitro counterpart as when Zebra attacked her in an instant, she remained calm and collected (although this may be due to the fact that she knows Zebra cannot harm her). Unlike the Blue Nitro counterpart, Kaka is willing to teach what she knows to the best of her abilities as she taught Komatsu how to fully capture a 100% PAIR when her Blue Nitro counterpart decided not to assist the Heavenly Kings in capturing PAIR. She is soft spoken and willing to consider sharing all that she knows when needed, such as preparing PAIR through the old methods and information regarding how PAIR can change ones gender and even allow them to see through the Back Channel.

Despite having a very quiet voice, she also seems to like over explaining things and calculating times as she calculated how long it would take for PAIR to create enough soup for all five billion monkeys to eat and she was about to explain exactly how surprised she was when Komatsu discovered a faster method before being interrupted by Toriko.

Powers and Abilities[]

Kaka has extremely vast knowledgeable pertaining any aspect of the Dark Continent, or at least Area 7, its ingredients and the Back Channel. She can also translate Bambina's "words". While there is no full information as of yet regarding her skills, Kaka knows how to both capture and prepare PAIR. She also seems to have some insight into NEO's plans, as she was ready to inform the Four Heavenly Kings of the beast that Mohyan Shaishai was trying to revive. The methods of capturing PAIR is one she taught Komatsu during Komatsu's time in the Back Channel. Being one of the Flavor Sages, Kaka is a highly skilled chef.



At some point Kaka was killed by the Blue Nitro and became a Food Spirit.

PAIR Arc[]

After the Four Heavenly Kings finally acquired PAIR they were cheered on by countless apes who had gathered around the Birth Cry Tree. High on the branches of the Birth Cry Tree was the actual Kaka who was looking down at the events that unfolded with an approving smile.[2]

When the Heavenly Kings finally completed their task, they decided to share PAIR with all the other monkey residents of Area 7, however due to their lack of knowledge regarding the ingredient, they decided to simply attempt to drip the soup from PAIR. Kaka then comes and comments that in order for PAIR to fully make one portion for a person through the dripping method, it would take two hours per person, she then continues her calculation, reaching to the point of waiting for two hundred million years just for everyone to get a helping of PAIR. Zebra, having mistaken her for the Blue Nitro, blindly attacks Kaka however his attack was in vain as his attack simply passes through Kaka. Komatsu then comments that Kaka is a friend of his, despite having little memory of his time at the Back Channel, Komatsu remembers that it was Kaka who taught him the methods of capturing PAIR. Kaka tells Toriko that she has much explaining to do in regards to her current situation however Toriko stated that since it would take some time, he would prefer to eat PAIR first as the monkeys are waiting as well. Kaka obliges and tells the group the method to getting the soup from PAIR. The group find themselves in shock as the method which Kaka taught them will take at least a day and a half to finish, with Kaka saying that being a Food Treasure, there is still much work to do with PAIR. Komatsu's ability to hear the voices of the ingredients allowed him to find a small hole on the ball of PAIR, much to Kaka's surprise. With Komatsu piercing the small hole, PAIR's soup gushes out of the ball much to Kaka's amazement, commenting on how even she was unaware of such knowledge despite being a Flavor Sage. Everyone feasts on Food Treasure PAIR, however the Heavenly Kings and Komatsu find themselves turned into opposite genders, Kaka states that this is done in order for PAIR to find a way to process the excess taste and by swapping genders, they are open to new tastes. With everyone panicking over the sudden changes in their body, Kaka states that they need to eat PAIR once more in order to reverse the process. Having experienced a sudden change in gender, Kaka tells the group that not only does PAIR's title of Drop of Two Sides of the Same Coin refer to the genders, it also refers to life and death itself and after having consumed PAIR, they now have the ability to see through the Back Channel.[3]

With everyone within Area 7 in festive celebration, the residents of Area 7 are joined by the second group of skilled personnel from the Human World. Surprised at the party which has been going on, the newly arrived personnel join everyone in the festivities, all while sharing vital information with each other. When Pukin volunteers to help disable the knocking for the bodies of Malee and Guemon, Yuda mentions Pukin as the disciple of the great Saiseiya, Mohyan Shaishai. This catches Kaka's attention as Mohyan Shaishai is a world renowned Saiseiya and she fears that the great Saiseiya is attempting to revive something incredible, however because only the Heavenly Kings and Komatsu have consumed PAIR at the moment, Toriko states that only they can hear and see Kaka. With the revelation of Komatsu's new abilities also being revealed, the revelation of information becomes halted when Zongeh arrives, transformed into a female by PAIR, being carried by monkeys. Kaka becomes shocked with the sudden arrival of the Monkey King, Bambina. As Bambina sheds tears of joy mistaking the now female Zongeh as his departed partner, Kaka looks in slight disturbance and translates that the Monkey King feels overjoyed to see his beloved come back to life once more.[4]

After the festivities, Kaka began explaining to Toriko and his comrades about the nature of Gourmet Cells as well as the eventual fate of the planet on the day of the Gourmet Solar Eclipse. She then goes on to explain Acacia's relation to the Gourmet Nobles and the mysterious Appetite Demon that lied within him. Before she can give further explanations especially those regarding ANOTHER, she is suddenly attacked by Joie's Appetite Demon who damages Kaka's spirit form and proceeds to disappear with her in hand, but not before "inviting" the Heavenly Kings to Area 6, the "Kitchen of Food Spirits".[5]

When the Heavenly Kings could not save Kaka from Joie, the Heavenly Kings feared for her life. However, the Ultimate Pot Artisan, Kuriboh, confirms to the group that she is safe despite her damage as Food Spirits cannot be killed, being already dead. A Food Spirit informs the Heavenly Kings about another member of the Flavor Sages, Jiji. The Heavenly Kings, with Kaka gone, believe that in order to gain the information on how to capture Acacia's Full Course, they will need to seek the guidance of Jiji.[6]


After the events in Area 7, Kaka was sent back to the World of Souls where she would eventually meet with Komatsu once again to help prepare the ingredient ANOTHER.[7] She assists the chefs by showing them the kitchen where they would prepare ANOTHER and tells them of the specific amount of time which ANOTHER should be prepared, much to the dismay of the chefs. However Komatsu believes that they can prepare ANOTHER at a shorter time. As the group of chefs cook ANOTHER, Kaka assists them along the way and eventually they cook ANOTHER at a shorter time of 65 years as opposed to the hundreds of years which may have taken for them to prepare ANOTHER.[8]

When ANOTHER had been cooked, the flavor of ANOTHER overwhelms the whole World of Souls and eventually causes all of the chefs' souls to return to their body, Kaka is nowhere to be seen afterwards as the overwhelming flavor of ANOTHER covers the entire World of Souls and causing the Food Spirit Doors to be destroyed.


Kaka's data

  • Kaka is the second female Nitro to be introduced in the series (not counting her impostor), the first being ANOTHER.
    • She is also the first female Nitro to be introduced who is not affiliated with the Blue Nitro.
  • Her name "Kaka" translates to 'Cookie' in Swedish and 'Cake' in Arabic.


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