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Japanese 観音ゴリラ
Romanized Kan'non Gorira
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Type Mammal
Capture Level 671
Habitat Area 7
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Manga Chapter 297
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The Kannon Gorilla is a species of mammalian primate native to Area 7 and it is one of the many primates that make up the continent's "Monkey Restaurant".


Kannon Gorilla color

Kannon Gorilla color

The Kannon Gorilla takes the form of a modern day mountain gorilla, sporting dark fur and a large build. The most unusual part of the Kannon Gorilla is that it has ten arms in total. It sports the original two arms and has eight more arms which are spread on its back. 


The Kannon Gorilla appears to be an enlightened species that prefers to meditate rather than fight, however it is unknown if it is actually as docile as it appears. Like all the primates and other beasts in Area 7, the Kannon Gorilla obeys the will of Bambina and follows its laws without question.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Being a primate of the "Monkey Restaurant", this species is skilled in the monkey martial art of Enbu, a special style of combat only known to the primates of Area 7. Like many of the primates in Area 7, this species is incredibly tough and can survive deadly attacks and regenerate lost tissue and when receiving damage their strength can temporarily go up. Having a capture level of 671, the Kannon Gorilla is a very powerful creature.


PAIR ArcEdit

After the Heavenly Kings ventured deeper into Area 7's grassland, they were confronted by a small chimp that summoned the rest of its pack to attack the kings. After Zebra killed the chimp, countless species of primates arrived and prepared to fight the Heavenly Kings, including a Kannon Gorilla. After Zebra notices the presence of the Kannon Gorilla he comes to the conclusion that it is enlightened and so tells it that it will have no trouble going to the afterlife when he kills it. The Kings then try to fight off the all monkeys but their incredibly overwhelming numbers prove to be too much for them, but suddenly all the apes stop their attack and begin to kneel down as a gigantic mountain-sized ape begins to approach them, but before the kings can face this humongous foe, they fall into a mysterious fissure that swallows them into the earth below.


Kannon Gorilla Submission

Kannon Gorilla Submission

  • Kannon is the Buddhist deity of mercy.
  • It was created by My-san from Kouchi Prefecture.

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