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Kariu at Slow Rain Hills.png
Japanese カリウ
Romanized Kariu
English Kariu
Race Human
Gender Male.png Male
Birthday September 10
Status Deceased
Height 195cm
Weight 90kg
Blood Type O
Professional Status
Affiliation NEO
Ico bsk.png Gourmet Corp. (betrayed)
Occupation Chef icon.png Gourmet Corp. Head Chef
Personal Status
Relatives None known
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 171
Anime Episode 97
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Kariu (カリウ) was a Head Chef of the Gourmet Corp.. In truth though, he was secretly brainwashed into being a member of NEO and was forced to serve their organization. He is eventually "freed" from his servitude after his life is ended by Toriko.


Kariu is an average size man with blond hair. His skin seems to be dark reddish in all his body but his chest, head and hands. At the sides of his neck, arms, and legs, he has some sort of armor that resembles the top of his helmet as well. He also wears black rectangular sunglasses.

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Not much is known about his personality but he appeared to be quite arrogant, as he was ready to fight a powerful individual like Ichiryuu without hesitation and ended up underestimating Toriko. After Joie used Taste Change on him, Kariu's old personality was most likely repressed.

Powers and Abilities[]

He is one of the few members of the Gourmet Corp. who is able of going into the Gourmet World without the need of a GT Robo. Being a Gourmet Corp. member with a higher ranking than the Sous Chefs gives an indication of how strong Kariu is likely to be.

Chef Skills[]

As a Head Chef of the Gourmet Corp., his skills are obviously top-notch, though it is unknown to what extent.


Kariu using his Fly Net.gif

Fly Net (蝿帳 Haichō): Kairu chews his gum and shoots it above its target. The gum then expands and creates an extremely strong cage, also believed to be the ultimate food cover. When used in combination with Kaitora's Tablecloth, it is supposedly impossible to escape from once touched, although Ichiryu gets rid of both techniques effortlessly and through sheer brawn alone.[1]


Meteor Garlic Arc[]

He is first seen with other Gourmet Corp. members when Ichiryu shows up.[2] Kaitora and Kariu use Tablecloth and Fly Net to trap Ichiryu in a sticky cage. However, Ichiryu is able to escape the cage, shocking Kariu as his combination attack with Kaitora is inescapable. Before he can continue, Kaitora and Kariu are stopped by Midora, who warns them that they would all die if they fought him. Kariu and the others watch on as Midora and Ichiryu exchange words and when Ichiryu unleashes his powerful Intimidation.[3]

Cooking Festival Arc[]

At the Developmental Fever Bridge, Boneless, Kariu, another Gourmet Corp. member, and a couple of Nitro prepare to confront Sakura and Malisman, declaring the book conveying the taste of Acacia's Full Course Menu will never be published, but they will be sure to tell the world about their death throes.[4]

At NEO Headquarters he heads out with the other members.[5]

AIR Arc[]

Kariu waits with other NEO members while Joie converses with the Gourmet Nobility on the Dining Planet.[6]

Kariu is later seen with the rest of the NEO members heading out to their next destination. As he, Shigematsu, Teppei, and Boneless ambush Toriko and company with the sole purpose of obtaining the fully prepared AIR, Toriko is angered when Komatsu is injured by Teppei and left in a critical state. Kariu is interrupted when attempting to use Fly Net and is the first to be eradicated by Toriko, who manifests his Gourmet Cells.[7] Kariu's and Boneless' bodies are later absorbed into the Giant Air Tree as fertilizer.[8]


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