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Japanese キングオクトパスコング
Romanized Kingu Okutopasu Kongu
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Type Mollusk Fish Beast
Capture Level 137
Height 220m
Weight 3.000.000t
Habitat Gourmet World
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Manga Gourmet 194
Anime Episode 114
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King Octopus Kong (キングオクトパスコング Kingu Okutopasu Kongu) is one of the limbs of the Four Beast.


The King Octopus Kong is a mollusk fish beast, with five outstanding dark colored eyes, hairless eyebrows, a wide jaw with large teeth, amphibious fins on its head and 7 octopus tentacles lining his chin like a beard. The King Octopus Kong is bipedal, with a big broad chest, a large belly and muscular arms with octopus tentacles sprouting out of its forearms and it has an enormous amphibious tail.

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Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The King Octopus Kong coming from the Gourmet World and with a Capture Level of 137 shows it has a large amount of strength. In the process of entering the Human World, it easily destroyed the Wul Jungle and Gourmet Pyramid. It was also able to easily counter the Allied Armies attacks with it's tentacles.

It has incredible strength, with a single tentacle being easily able to crush a 100 meter long, 100,000 ton tank. However, what is even more impressive than it's strength is it's immense endurance, being able to withstand the counter of its own attack at 30X the power. It can also create a large number of tentacles from its arms with an unknown limit.

As FoodEdit


While the manga and anime never reveals if the meat of the King Octopus Kong is edible, the game Toriko: Gourmet Battle shows that its tentacles can be cooked and eaten while skewered which is referred to as "King Octopus Kong Octopus Skewer", and it can be be served as an excellent seafood dish. Eating its meat can grant the consumer heightened strength.


Four Beast ArcEdit

Several hundred years ago, the King Octopus Kong grew in the limbs of the Four Beast and was planted in the Gourmet World to enter the Human World to lead the humans into the center, to let the Four Beast eat them all. The King Octopus Kong entered the Human World from the West side and wrecked the Wul Jungle and smashed the Gourmet Pyramid in its path.[1] When the Allied Army Forces started to attack, the King Octopus Kong simply smashed all of their artillery and weaponry with its tentacles, but stops as it met Sunny and Quinn. It then unleashes a barrage of strikes on Sunny, and withstands the 30X counter it receives in exchange with apparent ease. It seems to get cocky after growing a numerous amount of tentacles from its arms, before realizing that it's legs were restrained by the Mother Snake. Sunny then reveals the full extent of his Dining Kitchen. Later, the King Octopus Kong was defeated by Sunny’s Super Hair Shot when he took control of his nervous system with the Hair Marionette. After being defeated by Sunny, it retreated and began heading towards the Main Body of the Four Beast where it was absorbed back into the Four Beast's body along with Mount Turtle, Invite Death and Gaoh.


King Octopus Kong submission

King Octopus Kong submission

  • The King Octopus Kong is the work of penname 兵澤宏-san from Saitama Prefecture.


  1. Gourmet 194 - King Octopus Kong's appearance.

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