Kingdom of Hope
Japanese 文明の遺跡
Romanized Bunmei no iseki
English Kingdom of Hope
Aliases Ruined Civilization
Location North Mountain Area (Area 7)
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 297
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The "Kingdom of Hope" (文明の遺跡) was one of the Seven Civilizations, located on the continent of Area 7 hidden deep underground. However, this civilization fell to ruin and decay from a rebellion.

Long ago, this civilization, much like Hex Food World, was formed by mutated Humans that had been kidnapped and enslaved by the Blue Nitros. However among these mutated humans also lived the Red Nitros who were also slaves to the Blue Nitros. Together, Red Nitros and these mutated humans lived peacefully together, and even the monkeys of Area 7 lived among them happily during its Golden Age.

This civilization was created by its inhabitants to be their kingdom of hope, but sadly this civilization fell to ruin under after the Gourmet Nobility incited a war between the people of the kingdom and the Monkey Restaurant.


The Kingdom of Hope is located deep underground beneath Area 7's North Mountain Area. The reason for its construction deep below the surface was so that it would serve as a safe haven that would remain unseen by the cold eyes of the Gourmet Nobility. Despite this, the subsurface region it is located in appears to be have what appears to be sunlight somehow as well as a verdant landscape with trees and all other manner of flora and large mountains that can be seen from afar.


The Kingdom of Hope once had many large buildings and temples within its vast cities which accommodated for all of its inhabitants. The architecture of these buildings was quite intricate and detailed, and despite the kingdom's destruction, its buildings still continue to stand and resist the test of time, although with visible wear. Some buildings, along with their interiors and furniture were designed to be of gigantic proportions in order to accommodate for visitors from all parts of the world regardless of their size, however even their largest guest areas were often said to be too small by visitors. Within several of the Kingdom's temples lie stone hieroglyphics created by the Flavor Sages long ago in order to preserve all the delicious recipes they had discovered and ensure their continued existence in case the Sages were to go into cryptobiosis.

The most notable structure of the Kingdom of Hope is a large dome-like temple which depicts the mating ritual of the Ballboon species which is etched in stone. The Monkey Restaurant of Area 7 greatly reveres the Ballboons and their ritualistic mating dance. It is unknown if this temple was built by the people of the kingdom or by the native monkeys of Area 7. Regardless the monkeys cherished this temple, and when it was damaged by the Gourmet Nobility, it greatly angered the native monkeys who believed the Humans and Nitros were responsible, which eventually caused the collapse of the Kingdom of Hope and the beginning of the Monkey Rebellion.



The kingdom of hope during its Golden Age.

The people of the Kingdom of Hope had a strong Indian influence visible in both their architecture and clothing, although it was unknown if this culture came from the Humans or the Red Nitro. The clothing worn by its former inhabitants consisted of loose fitting robes and garbs or few articles of clothing such as thin pants and vests and everyone in the kingdom went barefoot. The people of this kingdom were very diverse, with many races born from mutated humans happily living together alongside Red Nitro. The mutual respect and camaraderie between their species likely stemmed from their shared past as slaves of the Blue Nitro, and because of this they shared a strong sense of "hope" for their continued free future. The bond the two species shared was so close that even Red Nitro would help to raise human children, although it is unknown if humans and nitros would form family units.

The people of this kingdom also lived happily with the simians of the Monkey Restaurant, and many of the monkeys could be seen happily dwelling with the people among their city. The monkeys even had their own temple which was made in honor of their important "Monkey Dance". Because of the welcoming and kindly nature of this kingdom due to their love of freedom and compassion for fellow slaves of the Blue Nitro, they were very social and welcoming and the kingdom regularly had visitors from other lands that ranged greatly in size and appearance. The residents of this kingdom were also quite festive and would regularly host feasts and parties where they would happily share food together with one another and even visitors.

Even after the destruction of this kingdom and the death of its citizens, they continued stay true to their ways even as Food Spirits, continuing to be peace-loving and kindly folk who happily welcome visitors and treat them as friends.



Like Hex Food World, the mutant humans that came to reside here were once residents of the Human World and their appearance was a result of being infused with Gourmet Cells by the Gourmet Nobles. This gave them very varied appearances which made them resemble apparitions, however the most common appearance among them were pointed ears, large noses and sharp teeth, making them resemble something akin to trolls. The Red Nitros who were slaves to the Nobles also sought refuge within this civilization and lived peacefully alongside humans. Eventually the monkeys of Area 7 would also come to live among Humans and Nitros.

All manner of guests were also invited to this kingdom, some that were even of gigantic proportions.[1]


Below is a list of the known individual inhabitants of Kingdom of Hope:


Below is a list of the known species of races and animals that inhabit Kingdom of Hope:


  • The "Kingdom of Hope" appears to be based on Indian culture and architecture.


  1. Chapter 299

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