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Kiss GM.png
Japanese キッス
Romanized Kissu
English Kiss
Race Emperor Crow
Gender Male.png Male
Birthday 6th September
Height 300cm (Pre-Time Skip)
8m (Post-Time Skip)
Weight 570kg (Pre-Time Skip)
3t (Post-Time Skip)
Blood Type A
Professional Status
Occupation Coco's partner
Personal Status
Relatives Coco (master)
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 9
Anime Episode 4
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Kiss (キッス Kissu) is an Emperor Crow and Coco's animal partner. Since Coco's home is on a pillar with no stairs, Kiss is the only way for him to reach it. Coco uses him as his transportation and he loves Kiss as much as Toriko loves Terry Cloth.


Kiss Designs & Expressions copy.png

Kiss is a corvid bird with the appearance of a gigantic jungle crow or raven. He has lustrous black-colored feathers with a long, sharp purple beak, thin black legs with purple talons and deep red eyes.

Kiss's anime appearance differentiates notably from that in the manga; his black feathers have a purple sheen, his tail feathers are more uniform, and his head sports a jay-like crest.

During the Four Beast's attack on the Human World, Kiss is seen wearing very detailed and decorative armor, most likely to help defend itself against deadly attacks.

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He seems to share a strong bond with Coco seeing that Coco even shares food with him. Coco considers him to be his family. He is quite friendly with other people like Toriko and Komatsu.

Powers and Abilities[]

Kiss has demonstrated great speed and agility shown by the fact he is able to take Coco to his destinations quickly and also to avoid attacks from a giant model GT Robo such as laser beam. He demonstrated great tracking skills as he is able to find Coco despite the distance between them. Kiss also has some level of poison immunity as Coco has no problem activating his poison around him and only sends Kiss away when he is using his most deadly poisons. Kiss' immunity has increased as his size has grown, and was even allowed by Coco to fight alongside him during their battle with the poisonous Invaitdeath. Kiss has also shown considerable resistance to flame as shown when he remains completely unharmed even after being directly struck by a Giant GT Robo's flamethrower. According to Mansam, as Kiss continues to grow, his strength will eventually be on par with or even greater than those of beasts in the Gourmet World.

Kiss proved his growth in the Four Beast Arc. He showed his increased speed and stamina by traveling from the middle of the Human World to the edge and back within hours and without depleting his stamina. Using his beak as a high powered drill, Kiss was able to pierce the Four Beast's chest by rotating around his own axis and taking a dive with tremendous speed. Kiss also showed to be able to obstruct an opponent's field of vision through means of shedding his feathers. Kiss' endurance was tested when he got his body pierced by dozens of spikes and survived.


Kiss using Blind Feather.png

Blind Feather (ブラインドフェザー Buraindo Fezā): Kiss blocks the opponent's field of vision by scattering his own feathers, allowing an ally to strike unseen.


Puffer Whale Arc[]

Coco introduces Kiss to Toriko and Komatsu.

Kiss first appeared when Coco took Toriko and Komatsu to his home, there they were greeted by Kiss for the first time and Toriko was amazed by the appearance of the supposedly extinct Emperor Crow. Coco then explained that he found Kiss as an egg and raised him and considers him family.

Kiss and Coco fly back home.

Kiss then flew them to Coco's secluded house in the valley, where they would discuss the capture of the Puffer Whale.

Later, after they successfully captured the Puffer Whale in Labyrinthine Cave, Kiss was there to greet Coco outside the cave and then flew him back to their home.

Regal Mammoth Arc[]

Coco and Kiss vs Gido.

Kiss took Coco to Biotope 1 to save Toriko and the gang from Gourmet Corp.. Upon arriving, they saved the group from Gido, the pilot of the giant type GT Robo. Throughout the battle, Kiss flew Coco at high speeds around Gido during their battle and while Kiss managed to get a few burns and scrapes, he came out barely scathed and Coco successfully used his poison to disable the GT Robo's transmitter, effectively disabling it and putting a stop to Gido. Later after Sunny came back from inside the Regal Mammoth, Coco and Kiss helped him out and gave him some food. After the rest of the group returned from the Regal Mammoth with the Jewel Meat in hand, they proceeded to run away from the rampaging beast with Coco and Kiss flying quickly away. They then met up at the Gourmet Research Laboratory where Coco, Kiss and the rest enjoyed the sweet taste of the Jewel Meat.

Gourmet King Deciding Battle Arc (Filler)[]

In the anime, Kiss helps Coco get an ingredient for the Gourmet King Deciding Battle sponsored by Fond De Bohno in order to find a food that will satisfy his pet Seven-Color Nessie, Chris. Coco decides to search for the ancient Honey Dragons' honey which can only be found in a flower high in the sky, and as such Kiss flies Coco there at top speed. There, the two run into a flock of aggressive Honey Dragons who will not let them pass into their hive, forcing Coco and Kiss into combat. Luckily Kiss's maneuverable flying combined with Coco's poisonous sharpshooting is eventually able to take out all the Honey Dragons, allowing them to collect the honey and head back to the contest. Later after winning the contest by combining their Honey Dragon honey with Toriko's Grand Berry and Sunny's Milk Whale milk into a delicious parfait, they watch as Chris eats the combined parfait and matures into its final stage, thus marking its time to leave its Bohno. However Bohno begins crying due to his pet's farewell but Coco and Toriko tell him that all beasts must eventually part ways with their owners and return to nature, and they say this while affectionately looking up at Terry and Kiss, implying that some day they too will have to return to their natural habitats.

Autumn Break Arc (Filler)[]

Kiss, Terry and Quinn happily eating Supears.

Kiss accompanied Coco to his hunting trip into Autumn Mountain where they would be joining Toriko, Komatsu, Terry Cloth, Yun, Sunny and Quinn in their search for the Supear. The group explored the region in a competition to see who could find it first, but were ambushed by Mutton Boars who proceeded to take Komatsu away. The group then sped off after the two beasts and chased them up the tallest mountain in the area, with Terry scaling it, Quinn naturally stretching herself, and Kiss flying up it at top speed with his mighty wings. Once they reached the top, they went to save Komatsu but stopped when they realized the boars where only attacking them due to malnourishment and only wanted the food in Komatsu's bag to feed it to their young. They then spared the boars and gave them the food they had. They then discovered that the clouds at the exact top of the mountain kept concealed a tree and upon moving the clouds, sunlight struck the tree revealing the elusive Supears which were only visible in sunlight. The group then plucked the Supears from the tree and shared them with Kiss, Quinn, Terry, Yun and the boars.

Meteor Garlic Arc[]

Kiss (now apparently having gone through a major growth spurt) took Coco to the 8th Biotope to find one of the ingredients in Ichiryu's Full Course Menu. When they arrived, they met up with Toriko and the now bigger Terry Cloth, as they would be working together to find Ichiryu's ingredients. It is presumed that the small group traveled together to the other biotopes to collect the ingredients, visiting each one except the 1st Biotope. After they got the ingredients, Coco and Toriko parted with Kiss and Terry while they went on a trip to the Gourmet Casino in the Jidal Kingdom.

Kiss and Coco prepare to head out.

Some time after the events at Gourmet Casino, Kiss was brought by Coco to the 1st Biotope when they were called in by Mansam to help in the Christmas food delivery to starving nations. Once all the packages were set, Coco and Kiss sped off to their destination to deliver their treats. In the anime, it is shown that upon arriving, they happily witnessed the fall of the delicious Flavor Snow.

Four Beast Arc[]

Once the Four Beasts arrived in the Human World, Coco flew off on Kiss to the destination of one of the beasts, the Invaitdeath. The beast proved to be a deadly and powerful foe against Coco and Kiss's aerial battle with it, as its acidic poison proved quite volatile. At one point it even appeared that it had managed to slay the two, but had only "killed" two Poison Dolls made by Coco made to look like him and Kiss. Kiss then flew Coco to an appropriate distance which gave him the chance to shoot his Poison Arrow right through the Invaitdeath neck, defeating it instantly with the arrow's powerful poison and lethal sharpness.

Kiss then took Coco to Food Park Plaza when they found out the true Four Beast had appeared, and Kiss left Coco there along with the other Kings for their fight. Later on, when the beast proves too strong and the only way to defeat it is for the Kings to use a combination attack that requires a lengthy concentration time, Kiss, Terry and Quinn intervene to distract the Four Beast in battle while the Kings focus. The Four Beast however recognizes the three animals as descendants of powerful creatures and shows no mercy in defeating them, despite them being weaker than it. Luckily before it can kill them, the Kings unleash their combined Appetite Energy and kill it once and for all. The defeated Kiss, Terry and Quinn then awaken and go to their human partners and then enjoyed the peace and food provided after the Four Beast's defeat.

Cooking Fest Arc[]

Kiss was shown traveling with Quin and Terry to inform Jiro of the Hammer Tusk's escape, luckily Jiro was able to subdue and tame it with ease and then took the three animals and the Hammer Tusk with him to Cooking Island to help out in the battle between the IGO and the Gourmet Corp.. Later on, Kiss, Jiro, Terry and Quinn are shown arriving at Cooking Stadium to help out, but by then its too late as the battle is almost over due to NEO fleeing and the oncoming fall of the Meteor Spice.

Billion Bird Arc[]

AIR Arc[]

PAIR Arc[]


Terry Kiss Queen from Gourmet 341



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