Kitchen of Eternity
Kitchen of Eternity
Japanese 常しえの厨房
Romanized Tokoshie no Chūbō
English Kitchen of Eternity
Location Blue Grill (Area 6)
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 344
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The Kitchen of Eternity (常しえの厨房 Tokoshie no Chūbō) is a kitchen located atop Blue Grill's Shell Mountain and overlooking it is Soul Hill, the location of the Fourth Food Spirit Door. It is here where Blue Grill carries out its mysterious "project," which is the entire purpose of the Soul Trade: the recreation of Acacia's Full Course Menu and the revival of Ichiryu.[1]

The chefs in charge of this kitchen, under the supervision of Executive Chef Meyl, are tasked with preparing the ingredients from Acacia's Full Course Menu, having apparently been storing their own portions of the legendary ingredients in hopes of using them to fully revive Ichiryu. However the process in which they do so requires many sacrifices to keep the Soul Furnace burning which then turns the sacrificed victims into "fertilizer", although what this entails remains uncertain.

First KitchenEdit

AIR from First Kitchen

AIR from First Kitchen

The First Kitchen is in charge of reviving and cooking AIR, Acacia's Salad. The Soul Saiseiya Ika spent years cultivating and reviving several small Air Trees, and the chefs there spent years trying to prepare them.[2]

Don Slime Copy RoomEdit

Don Slime copy Ichiryu

Don Slime Copy room

Deep beneath the kitchen, Don Slime has a room where he was recreating Ichiryu's body, in preparation for resurrecting him.[3]


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