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Japanese ドツクゾコアラ
Romanized Dotsukuzokoara
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Type Mammal
Capture Level 5
Habitat Hungry-la Island
Related Cocoala
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Anime Toriko x One Piece Crossover
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Knock-out Koala (ドツクゾコアラ) is a beast exclusively found in the Toriko x One Piece Crossover. A single Knock-out Koala appeared and acted as the main antagonist of the crossover.

Behavior and LeadershipEdit

It is an adult Cocoala. Knock-out Koalas typically act as leaders of Cocoala colonies and as such Cocoalas obey them without question and will even resign their usual peaceful disposition and become violent for the sake of their Knock-out Koala leader.


The particular Knock-out Koala encountered on Hungry-la Island, was noted by Toriko to be quite strong, fast and intelligent and that it may have been of a higher capture level than 5. Its intelligence was well noticed as after it ordered its Cocoalas to kidnap Komatsu and Nami, it used the fear it invoked into the other animals of the island to force them to distract Toriko and the Straw Hats while it attempted to devour their friends. During its battle with Toriko and Luffy it showed great strength, speed and sharp reflexes which it increased by skillfully using the tree stems of the Amatano Fruitby spinning around it (clearly showing its intelligence and resourcefulness during battle), and it once again showed off its clever resourcefulness by using Nami and Komatsu as living shields knowing that its opponents would not harm their friends. Despite its intelligence and power, it was eventually defeated by Toriko and Luffy's "Gomu Gomu no Kugi Punch" combo and was sent flying straight into the ice cream mountain.


  • The Knock-out Koala seen in the anime appeared to have a pouch and if Cocoalas are truly similar to regular Koalas then this would mean that it was a female.
  • In the anime, only one Knock-out Koala was seen residing amongst its colony, so it is unknown if there are more residing on the island or if a Cocoala has to go through some sort of unique genetic or physical experience to become one.
    • It is possible that much like with some species of animals, a Knock-out Koala has to fight for dominance against another of its kind, this may explain why there was only one seen and why it was so powerful.


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