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A standard Knocking Gun
Japanese ノッキング ガン
Romanized Nokkingu Gan
Other Knocking Gun
Creator(s) Unknown
Purpose To tranquilize or paralyze beasts for capture
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 4
Anime Episode 3
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Knocking Guns are the most common method of performing knocking on beasts and come in a variety of sizes and types for different kinds of beasts, but there are also people who can perform knocking with strikes or intimidation.


Knocking Guns function by firing biodegradable needles into the bodies of beasts. Knocking Guns can either fire the needles from a long range distance like a regular gun or need to be placed directly onto the area of the beast's body where their primary nerves are located. As the needles are biodegradable, they cause no permanent damage to the beasts they are used on.


  • Knocking Gun (Normal Type): The standard and most common Knocking Gun. It fires two needles at once into the target's body and if the right nerves are hit, it can knock out a beast instantly. It can also stimulate muscle tissue increase in Gourmet Cell enhanced humans if applied to the right areas. The average price for the standard Knocking Gun is 189,000 yen.[1][2]
  • Knocking Gun (Delicate Type): A special Knocking Gun designed to knock delicate lifeforms without notice and is very useful when trying to remain elusive and not startle beasts. Unlike most Knocking Guns it only fires one needle. The average price for the Delicate Type is 276,000 yen.[2]
  • Knocking Rifle: A specialized Knocking Gun that fires dozens of needles per second at incredible speeds like a rifle and is quite hard to handle for the inexperienced. There is also a "Hard Type" version that fires more needles at even greater speeds and force but is extremely hard to handle.

Knocking Gun TechniquesEdit

Jirou using Knocking on himself

Jiro using a Knocking Gun on himself to grow to gigantic size.

The Knocking needles of Knocking Guns have a few varied uses outside of knocking out beasts. For example, specialized needles fired into the heart of a recently deceased human or beast can help jump start the heart again to continue beating, allowing for the revival of the recently deceased. Knocking needles can also be used to stimulate a sudden increase in the power and size of muscles and the overall size of the user, rather than paralyzing them. Mansam and Jiro use this technique to cause their muscles to swell to enormous size, granting them great strength and a highly intimidating appearance, and can even allow them to grow to gigantic size.



Some life-size toy replicas of Knocking Guns have been produced and are often sold in stores and Toriko/Shonen Jump events in Japan.


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