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Komatsu's kitchen knives.

Komatsu's Kitchen Knives are his primary cutting tools when cooking and his pride and joy. At first glance they appear to be nothing special but in fact they have been sharpened and used to the finest quality by Komatsu, making most experienced chefs and artisans impressed by their quality.

Komatsu accidentally broke one of the knives in an incident where he tried to cut a Don Acorn with one of them. The broken knife was then taken to the master artisan Melk the Second who agreed to repair it but would take her time. Meanwhile Toriko took one of the safe knives with him as he explores Heavy Hole in search of Melk the First, and the knife leads him to discover a group of Ruby Crabs. When Melk the First sees the knife, he is shocked and claims that only the knives of Froese , Zaus, and Setsuno have shocked him like this before. After his return, Melk and Komatsu apparently bonded and she immediately agrees to repair Komatsu's knife straight away but uses the fang of a Derous to improve it. After many days of work, she manages reforge it into the powerful and stunning Derous Knife.

The other knives remains the same but have been rarely used since the reforge of the Derous Knife.


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