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Japanese コプリ子
Romanized Kopuriko
English Kopuriko
Aliases Bizarre Food Queen
Race Human
Gender Female.png Female
Birthday September 24
Status Alive
Blood Type O
Professional Status
Affiliation Harawata
Occupation Chef
Personal Status
Relatives None known
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 212
Anime Episode 126
Japanese Tano Asami
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Kopuriko (コプリ子), also known as the Bizarre Food Queen (ゲテ物女王 Gete-mono Joō), is a master chef in the art of Bizarre Cooking and is the head chef and owner of the Bizarre Food Cuisine restaurant Harawata. Because of her extraordinary skill and being the master of her cooking art, she has earned the 24th spot on the IGO Chef Ranking, making her one of the top 30 greatest chefs in the world.


Kopuriko colored.

Kopuriko is a beautiful dark skinned woman with long dark pink hair and a slim hourglass figure. Her outfit consists of long, skinny black bones resembling claws that are wrapped around her body making it very revealing, as it barely covers most of her body except her nipples, overall giving her a very exotic and tribal appearance. She wears intestines made to resemble bands around her neck and arms, and one around her waist which appears to be a single long intestine which she wears like a belt. She wears an odd headdress resembling the head of a snake-like creature with numerous bumps on its skull and from the skull there appears to be a tail growing from it which wraps around her waist several times, giving it the appearance of a skirt. Overall her attire looks like a small skeletal creature wrapped around her body.

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She is a calm and seemingly carefree individual who appears to have a liking for the macabre and bizarre. She is fearless in the face of danger as shown when she took on several beasts without a sign of worry, her only concern being if she could cook them. Her taste for the bizarre and macabre is not just in fashion but in her Full Course Menu as well which is made up of rather grotesque and creepy ingredients such as beast intestines.

Powers and Abilities

Being one of the top 30 chefs in the world, Kopuriko is a master chef of near-unparalleled skill and she is a true master of her main style of cooking "Bizarre Food Cuisine." The taste of the bizarre food she creates is considered to have first-class flavor.

She is also a remarkably strong fighter, using two long kitchen knives with hooks on their back to fight.


Kopuriko defeating Paper Crocodile with Guillotine Slice small.gif

Guillotine Slice (ギロチンスライス Girochinsuraisu): Kopuriko slices the victim into sections with a row of crashing blades made from Gourmet Energy. It is first used against a Paper Crocodile.[1]


Cooking Festival Arc

Kopuriko participates in the 50th Cooking Festival's chef tournament along with the other top 100 chefs, where she is given a proper introduction by the MC and a huge applause upon entering the stage. The MC also makes note that despite her creepy outfit her flavors are super first-class.[2] During the second stage of the Triathlon, Kopuriko uses her Guillotine Slice to kill off the monsters attacking her. She then asks if she can use them as the ingredients for the Cooking Festival.

After completing the "Cooking Triathlon" she moves on to the following preliminary matches, "Death Scale Cooking" and "Entire Island Cooking," which she passes and is thus able to move on to the next round, where her first opponent would be Damala Sky XIII.[3] However, due to the abrupt attack by the Gourmet Corp. on the fest, the matches are canceled.[4]

Full Course Menu

Kopuriko's Full Course Menu
Course Course.png Ingredient Capture Level Status
Hors d'Oeuvre Hors.png Deep Fried Devil Gecko 42 Decided
Soup Soup.png Squirming Mega Maggot Soup 35 Decided
Fish Dish Fish Dish.png Sea Piranha Eaten Live 26 Decided
Meat Dish MeatDish.png Long-Armed Goblin Right-Brain 31 Decided
Main Course MainDish.png Alien Golem Raw Liver 45 Decided
Salad Salad.png Spotted Tarantula Mud Salad 15 Decided
Dessert Dessert.png Centipede Sea Cucumber Innards Pudding 12 Decided
Drink Drink.png Sea Urchin Soft-Shelled Turtle Body Fluid 28 Decided


Kopuriko and Sunny as a combo?

  • Her restaurant's name Harawata in Japanese means "Innards".
  • In a special "Dream Combo" poll held for Volume 29.5 in which fans could vote for their favorite current or potential hunter/chef combo, Kopuriko and Sunny were selected as a popular potential combo by the author who placed the combo as a number 1 ranker in unpredictability, likely due to their opposite tastes, as Kopuriko prefers grotesque things while Sunny prefers beautiful things.
  • Her voice actor also voices Rin.


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