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Japanese コリョウ
Romanized Koryou
Race Human
Gender Female.png Female
Professional Status
Partner Ryoutei
Personal Status
Relatives Ryoutei (brother)
Debut Appearance
Anime Debut Episode 69
Japanese Voice Orikasa Fumiko
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Koryou is a young and well accomplished chef who appears as an original character in the game Toriko: Gourmet Survival 2, where she was hired by Fond De Bohno to help in preparing many of the meals collected.


She is a young girl with fair skin and short brown hair with clasp in it, and she has brown eyes to match. She normally has a calm and cheerful expression on her face but takes on a very determined and fierce look when cooking. She wears a traditional brown kimono with square designs (giving it the appearance of chocolate) and a pink sash around her waist. She also wears orange straps around her shoulder.

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She is a kind and polite girl with modest behavior and a calm attitude. She treats everyone around her with respect and sincerity. As a chef, she has a deep respect for ingredients and always cooks with a passion. Despite the loss of her family when she was young, she was able to remain a kind and friendly person.

When she discovered that her brother was still alive, she was more than happy to accept him despite the criminal path he had taken and the two have reformed their sibling bond and are closer than ever, having even formed a combo.

Powers and Abilities[]

Koryou is a very skilled chef of excellent abilities and can prepare any number of ingredients and was even hired by Bohno alongside the likes of Setsuno and Komatsu, showing that her cooking skills are of the highest class.



Toriko: Gourmet Survival 2[]

Koryou was called in by Fond De Bohno to help with the cooking during his ingredient expedition in the Gattsuki Continent with Toriko and Komatsu, she would be working alongside Komatsu and Setsuno during the rest of the trip.


Toriko's Break Arc[]

She appears running her own stand at the beach along with her new partner Ryoutei.



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