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Kousairou 4
Japanese 光才老 (こうさいろう)
Romanized Kōsairō
English Kousairou
Aliases Gourmet Hermit
Race Human (Mutant)
Gender Male Male
Birthday 4th June
Status Alive
Height 165cm
Weight 45kg
Blood Type A
Professional Status
Affiliation Biotope 0 (betrayed)
Occupation NEO Member
Personal Status
Relatives None known
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 192
Anime Episode 111
Japanese Terada Makoto
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Kousairou (光才老 Kōsairō), known as the Gourmet Hermit (グルメ仙人 Gurume Sen'nin), is a former member of Biotope 0. Though appearing loyal, he is actually a member of NEO, a dark organization which is also trying to acquire Acacia's Full Course.


He has long white hair and a mustache and he wears a white cloak, which he later switched for a black one. One noticeable feature is he has no pupils in his eyes.

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He is a calm and quiet individual who seems to be very responsible as he personally volunteered to guard over the Cooking Festival, stating that chefs are the treasure of the Gourmet Age. However this personality is an apparent ruse, as he is in fact a traitorous individual who seeks GOD with his allies in NEO for their own selfish gain.

Powers and Abilities[]

Kousairou is able to freely enter the Gourmet World, which means that he has both incredible fighting abilities and astounding survival skills. According to Rala, he seems to be one of the most powerful members of Biotope 0, as he is trusted to protect the Human World and his absence from the Gourmet World for even one day would greatly lessen the IGO's military power. However, his strength is inferior to that of a serious Setsuno, as he needs the help of both Zaus and Kuriboh to be able to kill her.

He also has access to very valuable information about the location of Acacia's drink ATOM and can decipher it.[1]

Gourmet Cells[]

Octopus Kousairou

Kousairou Octopus form

Either due to him eating some of Acacia's Full Course or to Joie's modifications, he can turn parts of his body into that of his Appetite Demon's, including many octopus-like tentacles and a mouth.[2]


Food Technique Calorie Consumption small

Food Technique: Calorie Consumption (食術 カロリー喰い Shokujutsu: Karorī Gui): Kousairou places a seal on an enemy which takes away calories from them and apparently transfers them to Kousairou himself.[3] According to him, this technique absorbs at least 10,000,000 kilocalories from Setsuno; however, he notes it had absolutely no effect on her, displaying her might.[4]


Bubble Fruit arc[]

He and the other Biotope 0 members are called to a meeting by Ichiryu. He is currently working on acquiring the drink of Acacia's Full Course Menu, ATOM. He volunteers to go to the Cooking Festival because he values chefs a lot and states that they are the treasures of the Gourmet Age.[1]

Cooking Festival[]

Kousairou stand

One of the strongest in Biotope 0 keeping watch.

He is seen in the stands watching the Cooking Festival. But later throughout the arc it seems that he has an ulterior motive as he is revealed to be in contact with Colonel Mokkoi, Darnil Kahn, and Mahmai Moi. They are shown in a dark room together when Nakaume is following Mahmai, and the group express their desires to make their move soon. When Zaus enters the room he asks for assistance in murdering Setsuno.

While Setsuno is fighting Chiyo, Kuriboh grabs Setsuno in his hand and Kousairou uses his Food Technique: Calorie Consumption on her. Then, Zaus comes down slashing her. Injured but unfazed, Setsuno requests Kuriboh to explain their actions, warning him that a terrible punishment may follow depending on his response.[5] Setsuno easily breaks free from Kuriboh's grasp and confronts Zaus about his actions. After discussing Joie with Setsuno, the traitors attack Chiyo: Zaus stabs her in the chest, and before she can retaliate, Kousairou steals calories from her. An angered Setsuno unleashes her full intimidation and prepares to strike down the foolish three.[6]

An unseen battle then takes place which leaves Kuriboh unconscious and Zaus and Kousairou struggling against the fearsome Setsuno. After Joie arrives at the battlefield, Kousairou is seen injured and bleeding due to his battle with Setsuno. He is later seen affected by Jiro's Grand Knocking, leaving him startled and unable to move due to the Knocking. When Midora shoots his Meteor Spice on Cooking Island, Tokage appears from the ground to take Kousairou away along with the other members.

Later he is seen at the NEO Headquarters commenting on Ichiryu giving them false information and calling him a "crafty old man" for being able to place spies in their group. He heads out with the rest of the NEO members to their next location.[7]

AIR Arc[]

A year and a half after the events at Cooking Fest, Kousairou is present with several other members of NEO, watching on as Joie makes his way to the Dining Planet to meet with the Gourmet Nobility.[8]


When Teppei attempts to escape NEO Headquarters with Nakaume, he is confronted by Mohyan Shaishai, Joejoe, Kousairou, and Zaus, but they are stopped by the unexpected arrival of Midora.[2] After Midora seemingly kills them, they are revived by their Life Orbs.[9]


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