Ku ri Uni Pasta Toshio
Kuri uni pasta toshio
Location Rain Town
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 110
Anime Episode 49
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Ku ri Uni Pasta Toshio is a restaurant located in Rain Town that is famed for its Kuriuni pasta made from the Chestnut Sea Urchin. It has a wonderful ambiance, making it an excellent place to eat in harmony, a trait Sunny deeply loves.



The restaurant's exterior.

The building of the restaurant is a large Elizabethan structure with a small tower and a chimney, and like the rest of the buildings in Rain Town, it has blue stone walls, a black roof, and several glass windows. A lit sign with the restaurant's name is positioned right above the wooden door.



The restaurant's antique and classy interior.

It has an antique and classical interior with wooden walls and antique wooden furniture. Several bottles of high-class alcoholic drinks are displayed in wood cabinets with glass doors. A small speaker positioned on a table plays a light flow of jazz music for the customers. Several dining tables and seats are positioned near the windows to give customers a pleasant view of the town's lovely scenery while they eat. All of this makes the atmosphere within quite comfortable and subdued especially when combined with the fine humidity and sound of the rain which blends well with the light jazz music, helping to exemplify the restaurant's true harmony.


  • Kuriuni
  • Several unnamed alcoholic drinks


The Reality of Gourmet World ArcEdit

Toriko and Sunny rendezvoused at Rain Town to talk about their recent training accomplishments and have a meal at Ku ri Uni Pasta Toshio. At the restaurant, Sunny began to gleefully compliment the ambiance of its interior while he and Toriko enjoyed the rich Kuriuni spaghetti. Toriko then asked Sunny about the entryways to Gourmet World and made his eagerness to enter it evident to Sunny, who only warned him about the dangers that awaited him should he proceed to enter it. After the meal, Toriko set off to prepare to enter Gourmet World through one of the paths suggested to him by Sunny, the Waterfall Basin of Life.



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