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Japanese クエンドン
Romanized Kuendon
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Type Dragon
Capture Level 10
Price Has no value as food (anime)
Habitat Gourmet Fortune
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Manga Chapter 8
Anime Episode 4
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The Kuendon is a large dragon beast found in the area of Gourmet Fortune.



A Kuendon compared to a human.

The Kuendon is a large bipedal and muscular dragon with brown or dark purple skin and a pale pink chest and underbelly. Its legs are quite large and muscular with four digits while its arms are skinny and posses less muscles but with four digits as well. Its face is intimidating in appearance, having angry-looking yellow eyes with slit pupils and a maw full of sharp teeth and two tusk on its bottom row of teeth. It has a rounded head crest and what appears to be magenta-colored hair on the back of its head. Like most dragons it has wings on its back but are rather small when compared to the rest of its body.

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They appear vicious but are smart enough to detect and avoid potential danger, as shown by the one in Gourmet Fortune which detected the poison in Coco's body and proceeded to avoid him. Kuendon and likely other breeds of beasts reside near Gourmet Fortune and occasionally come out to prowl through the streets looking for pray, showing that they have no concerns about entering human settlements, however as the buildings of the town are coated with poison the Kuendons never do harm to the town due to their caution towards the poison they sense.


In the anime, the meat of the Kuendon is apparently inedible and cannot be eaten neither boiled nor cooked and thus has no value as food.


Puffer Whale ArcEdit


A Kuendon tries to attack Coco.

A Kuendon is first seen by Toriko and Komatsu when they first arrived in Gourmet Fortune as it was walking through the streets. This Kuendon then spotted Coco and tried to lunge at him but quickly stopped after noticing the poison in his body. It then walked away and was not seen again.

Anime and Manga DifferencesEdit

  • Its name and status as inedible is only mentioned in the anime.



Kuendon's alternate color scheme.

  • Sneak peeks of episode 4 show the Kuendon with a completely different color scheme than what it had in the actual episode.

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