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IGO Icon 2 Name IGO Icon 2
Japanese キュウカンフー鳥
Aliases Kyu-kanfu-cyou
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Type Bird
Capture Level 20
Height 190 cm+
Price Has no value as food
Diet Seafood (Lychozame and Abalone Star)
Habitat Tou-Chinese Island
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Anime Episode 51
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Kung-Fu Mynah Birds are a race of highly intelligent bird beasts that appeared exclusively in the second Toriko x One Piece Collaboration Special, Episode 51 of Toriko. They are the native inhabitants of Tou-Chinese Island who long ago mimicked the culture of the island's former human inhabitants, learning the way of their society, customs and fighting styles.


Kung-Fu Mynah Birds resemble large black-colored mynah birds that are around the same height as humans. They possess orange beaks and have yellow markings near their eyes. All members of this species, both young and adult, wear oriental, white-colored clothing with torn sleeves and blue straps. Their young are around the same height as a small human child and wear clothing that resembles the adult.

Full view of a Kung-Fu Mynah Bird.
Young Kung-Fu Mynah Birds mimicking Komatsu.

Behavior and CultureEdit


Kung-Fu Mynah Birds doing some construction work.

Kung-Fu Mynah Birds are very territorial and will try to ward off any intruder that enters their domain. However, if they should be defeated and spared, they will show gratitude and respect to the winner and welcome them as one of their own. They are very advanced and intelligent, having been able to adapt perfectly to the oriental culture of the island's former human inhabitants. They have even learned the basics of society and were capable of restoring most of the old buildings built by humans long ago and take up residence in them as their new nests. The young of the species are very innocent and impressionable, and will mimic almost anyone they see.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Kung-Fu Mynah Birds attacking.

Unlike regular Mynah Birds who can only mimic voices and movements, Kung-Fu Mynah Birds can mimic the ways and fighting styles of humans. They can even understand some human dialect, however, they are unable to speak it themselves. Yet, their greatest skill lies in their knowledge of Kung-Fu, which they learned from the humans who once lived on Tou-Chinese Island. And although they're very skilled, they're not masters of the art.



Long ago, there were humans who lived on Tou-Chinese Island with a very oriental styled culture who were skilled in Kung-Fu. However, they were no match for the beasts of the island and thus fled and left behind their city in ruin. The island's Mynah Birds had observed their ways and managed to mimic them, eventually learning Kung-Fu and the ways of their culture.

Toriko x One Piece Collaboration Special 2Edit


The group arriving to the Kung-Fu Mynah Birds' nest.

After Toriko, Luffy and their friends had reunited, they came to Tou-Chinese Island seeking the fabled Seafood Fruit to heal Chopper who had fallen gravely ill. When they arrived, they were attacked by a flock of Kung-Fu Mynah Birds that were no match for Luffy, Zoro and Robin. The birds then surrendered to them and gave the group their respect, allowing them entry into their home to find clues on the Seafood Fruit.



  • The Kung Fu Mynah Birds are more similar to creatures from the world of One Piece rather than Toriko and they actually bare similarity to two existing creatures in One Piece, the first being the Kung-Fu Dugongs, a species of Kung-Fu loving dugongs, and the Humandrills, a species of baboons that imitate humans in both culture and fighting styles.
    • Luffy even compared them to the Kung-Fu Dugongs upon first seeing them.