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Kurakage portrait.png
Japanese 倉影
Romanized Kurakage
English Kurakage
Aliases Ramen Master (ラーメンマスター Rāmenmasutā)
Race Human
Gender Male.png Male
Birthday 25th August
Status Alive
Blood Type O
Professional Status
Affiliation KURAKAGE (Ramen Shop)
Occupation Chef
Personal Status
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 212
Anime Episode 123
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Kurakage (倉影), the Ramen Master (ラーメンマスター Rāmenmasutā), is a world famous chef, a master ramen maker, the owner and head chef of the very popular Ramen Shop "KURAKAGE", and the holder of the #9 spot on the IGO Chef Ranking, making him one of the top ten greatest chefs in the world. With his single restaurant he is able to make 200 billion yen a year.[1]


Kurakage has a youthful appearance; however, since his true age is unknown, it is difficult to tell how young he actually is. He has triangular tattoos under his eyes and sharp cheekbones. He wears a bandana on his head and has blond hair.


Nothing is known of him as of yet.

Powers and Abilities[]

Holding the 9th place in the IGO Chef Ranking, Kurakage is one of the best chefs in the world. His combat abilities are high enough for Joejoe to list him as one of the cooks whose capture would be "less than simple".


Meteor Garlic Arc[]

He is first mentioned along with "Living Legend" Setsuno, "Cooking King" Zaus, "Tray King" Yuda, "Oil User" Wabutora, "Iron Plate Magician" Moh, "Ethnic King" Klaraman, "Poison Cuisine" Tylan, and "Boss of Underground Cooking"Livebearer, when Joejoe is listing the top chefs that would be difficult for the Gourmet Corp. to capture.[2]

Cooking Festival Arc[]

Kurakage makes his appearance entering 3rd in the stage in the Cooking Festival.[3] Later in the first event, Triathlon Cooking, in the bicycle part, Kurakage is seen little intimidated from Brunch's Intimidation, when he is passing Kurakage and several other participants. Little up ahead, Brunch breaks a stone cliff bridge, cutting the path of Kurakage, who is still able to pass the three preliminary events: Triathlon Cooking, Scale Death Cooking, and Entire Island Cooking. He reaches the Championship Tournament, where his opponent is Granny Kama.[4]


Anime and Manga Differences[]

  • His bandana has a more elaborate design in the manga.


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