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Kuriboh 1.jpg
Japanese 栗坊
Romanized Kuribō
English Kuriboh
Aliases The Ultimate Pot Artisan;
Blacksmith (鍛冶屋 Kajiya)
Race Human
Gender Male.png Male
Birthday January 7
Age 39 (start of the series);
43 (Post-Time Skip)
Status Alive
Height 285cm
Weight 520kg
Blood Type B
Professional Status
Affiliation Ico igo.png IGO

Biotope 0,
NEO (ruse)

Occupation Blacksmith,
Pot Maker,
NEO Member
Personal Status
Relatives None Known
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 193
Anime Episode 111
Japanese Shioya Kōzō
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Kuriboh, known as the Ultimate Pot Artisan (世界一の鍋職人 Sekaiichi no Nabe Shokunin), is the world's most famous and greatest pot artisan. He is well known among Chefs due to the quality of his pots when cooking high class Ingredients. He is a member of IGO's Biotope 0. He is revealed to be a spy for the dark organization NEO; however, he was in fact a double agent with his true allegiance being with Ichiryu.


Kuriboh is a humongous man, nearly as tall as Melk the First. He possesses dark hair styled in a top-knot, and fair skin. He is also quite robust, and appears to wear a collar and skirt made of straw, and a metal pot around his belly.

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Kuriboh is a greedy and gluttonous man who is very loyal to Ichiryu and Biotope 0, willing to risk his life by spying on NEO and pretending to act as a spy for them in order to aid Ichiryu and his comrades.

While acting as a member of NEO, he acted as a ruthless, traitorous, manipulative, and uncaring being that was willing to kill Nakaume for knowing about NEO's existence; however, it is unknown if he would have sacrificed Nakaume for the security of his mission as well. He was also willing to attack Setsuno for the sake of maintaining his ruse, showing how devoted he was to his role and showing skills as a great spy, actor, and a loyal individual.

Powers and Abilities[]

Kuriboh is reputed to make the world's strongest pots. It is said one pot can keep a stew at thousands of degrees continuously for half a year and it will not warp at all.

He has great power, as Ichiryu believes his strength is enough to work at the Biotope 0, and even gives him the task of going to where the Cooking Festival is held, knowing there would be bloodshed. He can also enter the inhospitable Gourmet World as he pleases. However, his strength is inferior to Setsuno's, and he needs the help of both Kousairou and Zaus to fight her. He appears to be the weakest one among them as he is the first one knocked out. However, not long afterwards, he is seen standing back up again and performing an uncannily quick movement to disappear before Joie's Tokage can take him away, showcasing amazing recovery and speed (although, due to his actual alignment not having been revealed at the time, he may have only pretended to be defeated). Apart from his physical skills, he is also a gifted spy and actor who was able to fool at least one of the three major organizations of the world and to play the part of a double agent.

Food Honor[]

Since Chin managed to call Kuriboh by name without making any mistakes, it can be assumed that Kuriboh has mastered Food Honor.


Gimmick Frypan small.gif

Gimmick Frypan (偽鍋 Nise Nabe): Kuriboh clutches the target with a nearly indestructible pan. Due to the durability of the material it is very hard to escape its grip. The pan is a perfect replica of Kuriboh's arm until it is damaged, so that even if the entrapped enemy attacks, his actual hand will remain unharmed. It is used to restrain Setsuno, but she easily crushes it.[1]


Bubble Fruit Arc[]

Kuriboh, along with the rest of the staff at the 0th Biotope, was summoned to the Biotope by Ichiryu. When he learns that Master Chin Chinchin was hurt, he automatically assumes that his opponents, being the Gourmet Corp., used a cowardly trick to defeat him. He is as astonished as everyone else, when Ichiryu confirms the existence of CENTER, Acacia's hidden Hors d'oeuvre. Kuriboh responds in the positive when the president tells everyone present to prepare for war. As everyone walks out of the meeting room, the blacksmith is called back by Ichiryu for an as of yet unknown reason.

Cooking Festival Arc[]

Kuriboh is seen present at Cooking Festival right before the Gourmet Corp. attacked. His reason for being there was apparently to keep an eye on Kousairou. The two are later seen together in a NEO meeting, revealing Kousairou's status as a traitor and Kousairou as a "member" of NEO. He later knocked out Ume and brought him to the group when he was tailing Mahmai Moi. He then prepares to dispatch Setsuno together with Zaus and Kousairou.

While Setsuno is fighting Chiyo, Kuriboh grabs her in his hand and Kousairou uses his Shokugi: Calorie Gui on her. Then, Zaus comes down slashing her. Injured but unfazed, Setsuno requests Kuriboh explains their actions, warning him that a terrible punishment may follow his response. She then completely crushes his hand which turns out to be a substitute created from one of his pots, but is still shocked that Setsuno could break it so easily. Then after Setsuno and Zaus exchange a few words, Setsuno readies herself and unleashes a powerful intimidating aura in order to battle the "three traitors".[2] An unseen battle takes place and Setsuno is apparently able to defeat Kuriboh who lies on the floor unconscious while the other two NEO agents struggle against the fearsome Setsuno. He is later seen awakened and startled by Joie and Jiro's techniques, and is apparently affected by the Second Wolf's Grand Knocking. At Midora's attack on Cooking Island, Joie's Tokage appears from the ground to take the NEO members away, including the Pot Maker, however Kuriboh quickly disappears in a burst of speed before he can be taken.

Later at NEO Headquarters, the group realizes that Ichiryu had managed to sneak in spies such as Kuriboh into their group, with Kousairou commenting what a tough old man he was to have pulled it off.


Kuriboh making Golden cookware.

After Kaka was kidnapped by Joie, Kuriboh arrived to explain more details about ANOTHER to the Four Heavenly Kings and their support group, revealing that ANOTHER isn't located in this world but the Back Channel. Other denizens of the Spirit World added strength isn't required to capture ANOTHER, only with cooking skill can someone make it in the Spirit World to capture ANOTHER. Komatsu then volunteered to venture in alone while everyone else gathers the rest of Acadia's ingredients.


  • Kuriboh roughly translates to "chestnut person" in Japanese. It is also the Japanese name of the Goomba enemies from the Super Mario Bros. series.


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