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Japanese くりうに
Romanized Kuriuni
Aliases Chestnut Sea Urchin
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Type Fish
Capture Level 4
Height 12cm
Weight 400g
Price 4,500 yen per urchin
Habitat Most oceans
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Manga Chapter 110
Anime Episode 49
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The Kuriuni (くりうに Kuriuni) or Chestnut Sea Urchin is a breed of urchin that has a variety of uses as a pasta ingredient.


The Kuriuni has a tough and hard outer shell covered in spikes as with most species of sea urchins, however, its inner flesh is soft and puffy like a pasta base, making for an excellent cooking ingredient.


It can be found in most oceans of the Human World, showing it has no set habitat and that it is quite common in several seas. It is described as having a similar nature to the Gori Scallion, which either implies that those urchins live and stick together, or simply have an adhesive surface.



Kuriuni pasta (manga)

The needles of the Kuriuni can be used as ice picks to break apart icy surfaces and one urchin alone is worth 4,500 yen.

As FoodEdit

Because of its soft flesh, the Chestnut Sea Urchin tastes rich and smooth - making it a perfect base ingredient for pasta noodles - and can even be made into fine spaghetti. A prepared Kuriuni pasta is delicious and creamy, and is even one of the favorite dishes of Sunny. The dish is commonly served at Ku ri Uni Pasta Toshio in Rain Town which best suits it, as the perfect ambiance and harmony of the town truly brings out the best of the pasta's flavor.


The Reality of Gourmet World ArcEdit

Toriko and Sunny both paid a visit to Ku ri Uni Pasta Toshio in Rain Town to have some of their Kuriuni pasta, and Sunny was thrilled throughout the meal due to the perfect ambiance and flavor of it.


  • It was created by Junichi Kamioka from Shizuoka.

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