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Kuromado GGB
Japanese クロマド
Romanized Kuromado
Race Human
Gender Male Male
Birthday September 15
Age 39
Status Unknown
Height 210cm
Weight 180kg
Blood Type O
Professional Status
Affiliation NEO
Ico bsk Gourmet Corp. (betrayed)
Occupation Chef iconGourmet Corp. Head Chef
Personal Status
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 63
Anime Episode 22
Japanese Kanao Tetsuo
English Bill Jenkins
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Kuromado (クロマド) is a Head Chef of the Gourmet Corp.. In truth though, he has actually been secretly brainwashed into being a member of NEO and now serves their organization.


Kuromado Anime

Kuromado is a tall pink-skinned man with chiseled features who has pitch black eyes with white pupils and a big, very thin black mustache that has a scythe-like shape on each end. He also appears to wear maroon lipstick. He wears a very regal-looking dark blue dress with a thin red sash tied around his waist, and very long epaulettes on his shoulders that somewhat resemble a cape. He also wears white gloves. He also wears a very tall dark blue toque with a purple band.

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Kuromado is seen as a man who has little to no patience for failure and is seen chastising one of his subordinates for failing to capture the Jewel Meat. He is the one of the few members of the Gourmet Corp. who can scare the Branch Chefs into submission through sheer fear of force. With this, he can maintain order without fear of getting harmed. While he is very loyal to Midora, he is susceptible to complaining about his boss's appetite.

His personality is later changed by Joie at an unknown point to make him a minion. It is unknown for how long he has been under NEO's control or how much of his personality has been altered by them.

Powers and Abilities[]

Kuromado is one of the few members of the Gourmet Corp. who is capable of going into the Gourmet World without the need of a GT Robo. Being a Gourmet Corp. member with a higher ranking than Starjun, Tommyrod, and Grinpatch gives an indication of how strong Kuromado is likely to be.[1]

Chef Skills[]

As the Head Chef of the Gourmet Corp., his skills are obviously top-notch, though it is unknown to what extent.


Century Soup Arc[]

At a banquet for the Vice and Branch Chiefs, Kuromado asks Grinpatch if he recovered Gido's GT Robo. He talks about how long it will take to produce more Jewel Meat and the growth of Gourmet Cells. He tells the Branch Chiefs to find ingredients to increase their Gourmet Cells so they can enter the Gourmet World and obtain GOD.[2]

Meteor Garlic Arc[]

He is seen again along with other Gourmet Corp. members when Ichiryu goes to the Gourmet Corp.'s Gourmet World HQ.[3] Kuromado apologizes to Ichiryu for Bile, Kaitora, and Kariu's attack, pointing out that they are testing out their Gourmet Cells.[4]

Cooking Festival Arc[]

Kuromado and some Nitro confront Love, Tack, and Rala at the Stardust River. Love marvels at the beautiful view, and Kuromado replies that it would be her last time and states that they will be soon gazing at the Sanzu River.[5]

Later on he is revealed to have been brainwashed by Joie and is seen with the rest of the NEO members as they head out.[6]

Alfaro later reports to Midora that Kuromado and the rest of the hypnotized staff members' have defected. However, they state that even if they were brainwashed, the fate of any member that leaves the organization is death.[7]

GOD Arc[]

Kuromado, Dores, and Niceny are summoned by Tokage and face Starjun, Tommyrod, and Grinpatch in a Back Channel.[8] Sometime later Grinpatch disarms Kuromado with Worm Breath, Tommyrod binds him with Coccoon Preservation, and Starjun defeated him with Single Stroke Grill Cut. Kuromado's bisected body falls alongside Dores and Niceny.[9]


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