Japanese 陸海 (りくうみ)
Romanized Riku Umi
English Landsea
Location Area 2 (Gourmet World)
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 264
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The Landsea is an unusual location within Gourmet World with the unique and peculiar trait of resembling what appears to be a valley with a liquid-like surface or an ocean with a valley-like surface. It is located in one of the southeastern islands of Area 2.



The Landsea's unique and peculiar surface.

The Landsea is a vast region covered in fields of grass with very large trees and bushes and other large flora dotting its landscape. Oddly, the Landsea appears to actually be an ocean that merely resembles grass, but is solid enough to grow trees and plants on its "surface" and hold up what appear to be rocks as well which are also on its surface, although these could simply be growing from below its "depths" and reaching the surface.

Turbulent "waves" forming in the Landsea.

Because it appears to be more of an ocean, it often shifts and moves about like water and during turbulent days it will form huge waves that resemble mountains.

Stranger still is the unique weather of the Landsea, which appears to occasionally rain down all sorts of candies and even raining chocolate bars. To further add to the strangeness is that the skies of the land sea are dotted with giant floating volcanoes that seemingly stay in the air via unknown forces and are possibly the source of the unique confectionery weather or are actually raining down themselves. These giant sky mountains are also eaten by the local giant fauna.



A fish native to the Landsea.

The Landsea is oddly peaceful for a Gourmet World region, having no sign of hostile creatures and is inhabited by both giant and small animals that do not appear hostile.

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Billion Bird ArcEdit

Toriko has apparently been residing in this region for some time during his stay in Gourmet World, sleeping on a giant two-leafed plant. During his stay he enjoyed the confectionery rain and cultivated ingredients such as Mountain-Eater Pelican eggs for his food supply.


After Midora begins causing damage to NEOs HQ, Joie uses his Tokage to move both of them to the landsea so that their fight will not damage the Ark.

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