CloudIcon Laser Rain CloudIcon
Japanese レーザーレイン
Romanized Rēzā Rein
English Laser Rain
Location Plains of the Bees' Nest
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 282
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The Laser Rain is a type of rain that falls on the Plains of the Bees' Nest of Area 8 mainland. The Laser Rain falls at a high speed enough to cause a crater on the Beehive Plain. Though the Monster Feather Cape provides protection from this rain, its better to dodge the droplets as a direct hit may seriously injure the user.

This unusual climate forms part of the unstable weather of Area 8 caused by Heracles, whose exhalation of a high volume of the air in the continent makes the air pressure stay in a low level. The discharge of that exhalation contains toxins that through updrafts becomes various forms of torrential rainfalls which pours down over the continent in various unusual forms.

When some of the Laser Rain' droplets fall together, they form a Laser Squall (レーザースコール Rēzā Sukōru), causing them to fall at a higher speed and make maximum impact.

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