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Japanese リーフィッシュ
Romanized Rīfisshu
English Leafish
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Type Fish
Capture Level 1500
Length 12m
Weight 3t
Price 100g/80,000 yen
Habitat Formerly: Multi-Gravity Valley (Area 5)
Currently: Extinct in the wild
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Manga Gourmet 333
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The Leafish (リーフィッシュ Rīfisshu) was a rare species of carnivorous fish that once lived in Area 5's Multi-Gravity Valley about 1500 years ago, but went extinct. Despite this, some are still preserved by Casket Crabs.


A Leafish is a large, green fish. Its scales are made of layers of 0.1-millimeter-thick membranes[1] and are medicinal plants, which preserve the underlying meat with their bitterness.[2]


It was known as a carnivorous.

As food Edit

It is a super special preparation ingredient, not just difficult to cook, but also to catch. It is said to be great delicacy, and even caused Condor Window, one of the Five 10-Shell Cooks to uncontrollably drool.



1500 years ago, this species thrived in Area 5, but went extinct under unknown circumstances. Luckily a few members of this species were somehow preserved within the body of a Casket Crab.[3]



For Yuda and Condor Window's match at Grill Stadium, a Casket Crab releases two Leafish, and both are quickly Knocked by the chefs.[4] With help from his Warp Kitchen, Condor successfully prepares his fish first but loses because Yuda prepares his bubble's gravity along with his fish.[5]


  • It is the work of penname Macaroni Gratin from Saitama Prefecture.


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