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Japanese ヒルヒール
Romanized Hiru Hīru
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Type Annelid
Capture Level 307
Length 8m
Weight 1,5t
Price 100g / 8,000 yen
Diet Sanguivorous (blood)
Habitat Real Mist (Gourmet World)
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Manga Gourmet 275
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The Leech Heel (ヒルヒール Hiru Hīru) is a species of horrific, bloodsucking, worm-like monsters that reside within the Real Mist of Yutou Island and have control over the environment, able to bend it to the desire of those who enter in order to trap them and consume their blood as payment for their illusions.


They are monstrous and intimidating creatures in appearance, having large and muscular upper bodies with two large arms with four clawed fingers in each hand and a bulbous head with small white eyes, and an extended cylindrical mouth filled with sharp teeth along with a tongue covered in sharp teeth. Their lower bodies are long and worm-like and drag behind them as they move.

Behavior and IntelligenceEdit


A Leech Heel speaking.

This species appears to be intelligent enough that they can speak the Human language or at least manipulate the Real Mist to the point where their intentions and thoughts can be understood by others, however it is unknown if they are truly sapient or if they were simply under the control of the Soy Milk Road. They are incredibly vicious and blood thirsty and make all those who enter their domain and enjoy their illusions pay with their blood. Leech Heels along with the Soy Milk Road are able to manipulate the Real Mist into resembling a large Human World town, showing that they may have some knowledge of Human World society, which might be an example of their above average intelligence.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


The leeches of the Leech Heel.

Leech Heels appear have the ability to control the Real Mist and mold it to whatever they wish in order to hide their presence and lure in prey, and can even create food and individuals to distract their prey, as shown when they created entire restaurants and a Travel Frog from the mist, however it is also possible that it was the Soy Milk Roads who molded the area for the Leech Heels in order to trap Toriko and Coco.

Leech Heels appear to have some sort of relationship with a variety of smaller leeches, storing many inside their bodies and then spitting them out at a great speed towards their prey. The leeches will then suck out blood at a rapid pace for their Leech Heel hosts. They can shoot these leeches like strong projectiles as well which are strong enough to pierce the bodies of Coco's "Poison Dolls". Their leeches however do not appear to be very bright, having unknowingly sucked the blood out of Toriko without realizing he was a "Poison Doll" and then trying to suck out the blood of the fake Travel Frog. The Leech Heels' tails are also quite strong, being strong enough to break the illusionary concrete of their made up town.



Leech Bullet (蛭弾 Hirudama): Leech Heels surround their prey and fire a rapid barrage of countless leeches at high speed towards their opponents which are strong enough to pierce through the body of a Poison Doll

As FoodEdit

Meal at Yutou

A plate filled with slices of Leech Heel (bottom)

Despite how the Leech Heel looks, it can be cooked as a real delicacy. It can be cut up into thin slices and dressed in platinum ponzu (a citrus-based sauce commonly used in Japanese cuisine). Toriko describes it as having a crunchy texture and that it would go well with booze.


AIR ArcEdit

After Toriko and Coco were dragged into the Real Mist by the Soy Milk Road, they found themselves in a small food stand filled town and were then greeted by the Travel Frog Toriko had seen before. After eating the realistic illusionary food with the Travel Frog, Toriko soon became aware that the frog was actually an illusion as well and he and Coco were then confronted by the Leech Heels who demanded they pay for their food with their blood. The Leech Heels then surrounded them and began shooting leeches at them which instantly drained Toriko. Luckily both Toriko and Coco turned out to be just "Poison Dolls" made by Coco in order to distract them while his "Poison Boomerang" attacked infected the mist around the Leech Heels, instantly killing them and their leeches once and for all. Toriko and Coco are then confronted by a group of Soy Milk Roads who Toriko suspects were the ones behind these events. After defeating the Soy Milk Roads, the group collected the Leech Heels and had Komatsu cook them into a delicious meal.



Leech Heel submission

Leech Heel Submission

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