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This article pertains to the country. For the revival ingredient of the same name, see LIFE.
Life Eps 28.jpg
Japanese ライフ
Romanized Raifu
Location Human World
Affiliation Mother Wood, Saiseiyas, Yosaku
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 94
Anime Episode 38
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Life is a country filled with natural healing remedies, such as Doctor Fish and the "cure for any disease" that Takimaru gets. This is also the base of most Saiseiyas, including Teppei and Yosaku. There are many different shops here such as acupuncture cactus shops and many more.


The Country Of Life

Life is a large country made up of pine forested regions and vast green hills and fields. The main capital is a large city made up of small white and pink buildings and the area around the city is surrounded by a massive hedge that grows all around the city and it forms into an arch at the city's entrance which has the word "LIFE" written on it in bold letters. Most of the city is made up of hospitals, clinics, rejuvenation centers, spas, and a few restaurants. At the center of the city is a mountain with a tabletop shape which has a smaller city and a smaller mountain on it with the same shape, and on this smaller mountain is another city which in its center grows that gigantic tree and symbol of the city, the Mother Wood which acts as a base for the Saiseiyas.


It is unknown how old the country is but it appears have been the base of operations for Saiseiyas for quite some time.

Century Soup Arc[]

Toriko and his group (which were riding within Setsuno's Limousine Jellyfish) first arrived in the country of healing, Life after their dreadful battle in Ice Hell and upon arriving they eventually made their way to the tree Mother Wood to meet Yosaku. Toriko spent many months in Life while his arm was regenerating.

Cooking Festival Arc[]

Mother Wood, after the fall of the Meteor Spice.

After Midora unleashed his disastrous rain of Meteor Spice upon the Human World, many locations and countries were left in near-ruined states and Life was no exception, as the city itself suffered damages in several areas but most notably on the Mother Wood itself which lost half its branches from the disaster. The few urban areas that were destroyed were left as smoking piles of rubble by the attack and the giant hedge walls that surround the country also suffered damage in several spots.


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