This article pertains to the revival ingredient. For the country of the same name, see Life.
Fork-knife-icon  Life Orb   Fork-knife-icon
Japanese 命球 (ライフ)
Romanized Raifu
English Life Orb
Type Spirit Container
Creator(s) Unknown (produced by Joie)
Location Area 2
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 337
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Life Orbs, or simply LIFE (命球 (ライフ) Raifu), are mysterious ball-shaped objects that substitute Food Spirits in the place of a victim in death, instantaneously regenerating the would-be victim's lethal injury. The ball breaks into pieces soon after. Many of these Life Orbs were produced and "purified" by Joie at his lab in Area 2.

Joie wears many of these in his hair, and Mohyan Shaishai, Joejoe, Zaus, and Kousairou have also taken to wearing many of them on their persons to ensure their survival in combat.[1]


Life Orbs take on the simple appearance of orbs, varying in size and color.[2]


Life Orbs have the rare ability of becoming a substitute should a creature who possesses a Life Orb dies. The Life Orb does this by first having a Food Spirit contain inside it, the spirit within the orb will then take the place of the creature who possesses the orb if the creature happens to die from any means.

The orbs can function in two ways: one way is that the orb will simply be destroyed the moment its possessor is killed in any manner, the possessor will not take any damage to themselves, and the orb will instantly disintegrate meaning if the orb wasn't there, the possessor would have died; the other way is that the possessor will take serious damage from whatever killing strike hits them but they will instantly regenerate any part of their body, even restoring it completely if need be. The second function will only happen if the possessor cannot withstand the damage from whatever killing strike hits them.

Life Orbs can also be used in large quantities. By possessing mass numbers of Life Orbs, a person can avoid death multiple times and even prevent a strike that could kill a person multiple times. Joie manages to avoid death eight times by having eight Life Orbs take his place when Midora strikes him.[3]


Cooking Festival ArcEdit

When Joie's identity is revealed, he is seen wearing several in his hair, likely to ensure his survival against the Human World elite.[4]

PAIR ArcEdit

Before Toriko leaves for Area 7, Mappy gives him one as a charm,[5] which later on ends up saving Komatsu's life.[6]


After Midora invades NEO Headquarters, he fights several of its members, but his attacks prove useless due to his opponents using Life Orbs to keep on reviving themselves.[1]

When a rogue piece of Neo devours half of NEWS, a ball causes the nitro to regenerate instantly.[7]

Midora's attack proves powerful enough to destroy 8 large-sized Life Orbs in one go, thus showing that it is possible to break more than one in one go depending on the power of the attack. Joie then explains how these balls work to Midora.[8]


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