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Lift House Eps 60
Japanese リフトハウス
Romanized Rifutohausu
English Lift House
Purpose Transporting passengers to the Sand Garden
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 129
Anime Episode 60
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A Lift House (リフトハウス Rifutohausu) is the only transportation that allows access to the Human World's largest desert zone, the Sand Garden. They are houses, apartments, and mansions that are suspended from a rope system and carried over the dangerous Valley of Dust in a one-month journey. Passengers must pay a lift service fee, as well as rent for their Lift House for one month.



Due to the recent wars that took place in the Sand Garden, tourism greatly declined causing several Lift Houses to fall into disuse and disrepair due to the low demand to visit the Sand Garden, some can be seen crumbling or falling apart, however others still seem to be in liveable conditions. After Zebra's release ceased the war, it is unknown if the Lift Houses fell back into popular use by tourists.

Mellow Cola ArcEdit

Toriko, Zebra and Komatsu took a well-maintained Lift House to reach the Sand Garden and acquire the Mellow Cola. During their month-long journey, Zebra caused a bit of stress not just to Toriko and Komatsu but to the house as well due to his aggressive nature and desire to fight. This resulted in their Lift House arriving at Sand Garden in poor condition and eventually crumbling.


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