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Japanese 百合牡蠣, Yurigaki
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Type Mollusk
Capture Level 3
Length 15cm
Weight 250g
Price 1,500 yen per oyster
Habitat Most oceans; readily available on the market
RiceBall.png Debut Appearance Manga meat.png
Manga Chapter 122
Anime Episode 56
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Lily Oyster (百合牡蠣) is a small bivalve mollusk beast that is noted for its strong taste. Lily Oyster flesh is rich and highly nutritious. If one prepares the shell while it’s still closed and works through the cap, the flavor increases. This is a special method, and can only be done with an original Melk “Black Small Pointed Carver Knife”. It is far more delicious when eaten with Fried Rice, although it is also tasty even raw.

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