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Japanese リモン
Romanized Rimon
English Limon
Aliases Sommelier of Death (死のソムリエール Shi no Somuriēru)
Race Human
Gender Female Female
Birthday June 9th
Status Alive
Blood Type A
Professional Status
Affiliation Ico bsk Gourmet Corp.
Occupation Gourmet Corp. Sommelier
Personal Status
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 101 (Mentioned)
Gourmet 211
Anime Episode 44 (Mentioned)
Episode 126
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As the "Sommelier of Death" I will provide the ultimate "Mode of Death" for them.

—Limon, about to fight the Gourmet Knights and Yakuza.

Limon (リモン Rimon) is the mysterious Sommelier of the Gourmet Corp. and one of the first Gourmet Corp. members capable of entering the Gourmet World before the organization's power began to grow.[1][2]


Limon is a woman with a curvaceous figure, very long black hair (orange in her description in the anime), slanted eyes, and oddly-shaped and violet-colored tattoos on both sides of her face. She wears a short purple one-piece dress that covers her shoulders, arms, and hands along with long dark stockings and black high-heel shoes.

When she is first mentioned, she is wearing a dark top with light colored sleeves.

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Powers and Abilities[]

She appears to be quite powerful as she can easily enter the Gourmet World and survive in its harsh environment (meaning that her cells can adapt to it) and can combat some of the powerful creatures that reside within. She was mentioned to be one of the first members of the Gourmet Corp. to be able to enter it without the use of a GT Robo.[1][2] Her high rank inside the organization is also proof of her strength. She has enough confidence in her abilities to call herself the "Sommelier of Death".

It has yet to be revealed how developed her physical capabilities are; however, due to her powers, she does not seem to require dodging or a strong defense. She has an outstanding pain tolerance, enduring getting hit by several bullets all over her body while smiling and talking normally. She can also "ferment" projectiles shot at her within her body and shoot them back at her attackers, showing a high degree of physical control over her anatomy.


Limon using Damage Tasting Tainai Jyukusei

Damage Tasting (ダメージテイスティング Damēji Teisutingu): A technique Limon uses before being struck, apparently it allows her to subsequently perform attacks that involve the damage she suffered. Though it is unknown to what extent, it seems to prevent her from dying as well, as she took many gunshots to the chest.[3]

Body Maturing (体内熟成 Tainai Jukusei): After using Damage Tasting, Limon "ferments" the damage. She hinted that the longer the time, the "more delicious" the next move.[4]

Limon using Kaisen to return the attack

Uncorking (開栓 Kaisen): After Body Maturing, Limon twirls around in a stance reminiscent of a corkscrew and, through unclear means, sends back the damage to the attacker. It is possible that she imparted movement to the bullets again.[4]


Century Soup Arc[]

Limon is first mentioned by Alfaro when he explains to the Midora that she is one of the few Gourmet Corp. members that are capable of entering the Gourmet World without the use of a GT Robo.[1][2]

Cooking Festival Arc[]

On the day of the Cooking Festival, the Gourmet Corp. prepare for their final mission in the Human World which is to kidnap all the top chefs at the Cooking Festival and take them back to Gourmet World to make them part of their large collection of enslaved chefs which will aid them in their take over of Gourmet World. The team assigned for this task consists of some of the Gourmet Corp.'s strongest members, which includes Limon, Starjun, Tommyrod, Grinpatch, Elg, Chiyo, and several Golems.[5]

When the Gourmet Corp. attacks the Cooking Festival, she is among the ones who attack from the sky.[6][7] As the the IGO members (along with the Gourmet Yakuza and the Gourmet Knights) step on to the battlefield, she comments that as the "Sommelier of Death" she will provide the ultimate "Mode of Death" for them.[8]

Later on, she lets some Gourmet Yakuza members hit her with gunshots and returns the damage to them.[9]

Anime and Manga Differences[]


Orange haired Limon.

  • When Limon is first mentioned in the anime she is portrayed with orange hair instead of black as shown in manga. This is later corrected in her formal debut.
  • Limon is not shown leaping from the air and on to the Cooking Stadium in the anime, simply being shown alongside the other members in the stands.
  • The anime removes all of Limon's dialogue from the manga, as such she has no voice actor.
  • Limon's battle with the Gourmet Yakuza is not shown in the anime, likely due to the anime's heavy censors.


  • Her name Limon is Spanish for "lemon."


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