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Human World[]

This is where most of the events of Toriko take place and is where all humans live.

World Kitchen[]

A massive bazaar where ingredients from all over the world are sold, and is where Tom works. It is very close to where Toriko lives.

Hotel Gourmet[]

A five-star hotel that is affiliated with the IGO with the Restaurant Gourmet at the top, at which Komatsu is the head chef. It is implied that they have a very high reputation, as the IGO business bureau director, Uumen Umeda, chose it as the IGO's meeting place.

Baron Archipelago[]

This is where the Baron Bog and Garara Gator are located. It is an "off-limits" zone to humans.

An archipelago north of the continent that houses Toriko's home and the World Kitchen, it is the home of the Galala Crocodile that Toriko captured in the story's beginning. It is considered an extremely dangerous "Off-Limits" zone to humans.

8th Biotope[]

One of the Biotopes maintained by the IGO for research on ingredients, it is south of Toriko's house. This biotope houses the Kong Trolls and the Fruit of Rainbow, Toriko's dessert course in his Full Course Meal.

5th Biotope[]

One of the IGO's Biotopes, little is known about it other than it used to house the Land Moray Eel and the Burger Shellfish before the Bishoku-kai stole it.

4th Biotope[]

One of the IGO's Biotopes, little is known about it other than it used to house the Crimson Scorpion.

1st Biotope[]

The largest and more productive of all the IGO's biotopes, it is located on a continent south of the one that Toriko's house is on. Here is where the Regal Plateau is, which houses the Regal Mammoth that produces the Jewel Meat, Sunny's Main Course on his Full Course Meal. The 1st Biotope is run by Mansam, the IGO's 3rd highest ranked official, after the president and vice-president, Ichiryu and Shigematsu.

Honey prison[]

The "Land Prison" of the "Three Great Gourmet Prisons" of the IGO Legal Affairs Bureau, it houses criminals from all over the world who've committed high-ranking "gourmet crimes", or crimes that violate the Eight Gourmet Laws set up by the IGO. This prison holds around 100,000,000 prisoners, the largest amount of any Gourmet Prison, including Zebra, who was imprisoned here after his arrest by Teppei and Yosaku. The front gates are called the "Gates of Hell" because of the notorious reputation the prison has of its brutality and the fact that no prisoner ever escapes alive. From the gates, there are dozens of kilometers to the prison itself, on a path above a wild forest, with trained, high-level "Execution Beasts" and kilometer-long drawbridges to stop and check visitors. The forest below is filled with vicious beasts that can even attack beasts with capture levels above 60. The method of transporting prisoners into Honey Prison is by the use of giant "Convoysaurus" beast (CL 61). The punishment system of the Honey Prison is to employ a "Punishment Full Course Menu", called the "Full Course to Death". The heirarchy corresponds to the usual Full Course Menu structured, with the least severe criminals getting the Hors D'Œuvre punishment, the next level of criminals getting the Soup punishment, and so on.

Punishment Full Course Menu

Hors d'Œuvre: Prisoners are deprived of their favorite foods or tastes
Soup: Prisoners are given horrendous food
Fish Dish: Prisoners are deprived of all food
Meat Dish: Prisoners are deprived of all water
Main Dish: Prisoners are put into solitary confinement or guards attempt to execute them
Salad: Prisoners are tortured by being cut
Dessert: Prisoners are tortured by being boiled
Drink: Prisoners are tortured by being burned

If prisoners survive to this level, they are dropped from Honey Prison into the wild forest below them.

Sky Prison[]

The "Sky Prison" of the "Three Great Gourmet Prisons" of the IGO Legal Affairs Bureau, it houses criminals from all over the world who've committed high-ranking "gourmet crimes", or crimes that violate the Eight Gourmet Laws set up by the IGO. It floats 10,000 meters above the sky by use of hot-air balloon, surrounded by powerful bird beasts climates that create tornadoes.

Prison Submarine[]

The "Water Prison" of the "Three Great Gourmet Prisons" of the IGO Legal Affairs Bureau, it houses criminals from all over the world who've committed high-ranking "gourmet crimes", or crimes that violate the Eight Gourmet Laws set up by the IGO. It is located on the sea floor, 2,000 meters below sea level, where the water pressure is 400 psi. The waters surrounding it are filled with ferocious, man-eating fish beasts.

Northern Wul Continent[]

The Human World's third largest continent, it is located near the equator, allowing for tropical climates. It houses the fierce Wul Jungle, filled with man-eating plants. Growing on the top of the Wul Jungle is the B.B. Corn, brought over from the Gourmet World, and is the Hors d'Œurve in Toriko's Full Course Meal. The Wul Continent also houses the Wul Volcano, which has a base of 1400 degrees, but has tall stacks of round rocks with high melting points, each one with a lower temperature than the next, with the coolest at 50 degrees.


A country filled with natural healing remedies, such as Doctor Fish and the "cure for any disease" that Takimaru gets. This is also the base of most Saiseya's, including Teppei and Yosaku.

Gourmet Fortune[]

A town near the coast of the continent where Toriko lives, this is the town that Coco lives in, telling fortunes and protecting the citizens from wild beasts. Coco actually lives outside the town on a stone cliff that can only be reached by assistance from Coco's Emperor Crow, Kiss. He lives like this so as not to expose the town folk to his "poison"/

Cave of the Sandy Beach[]

A deep cave that leads down under the ocean near Gourmet Fortune, it houses many dangerous animals, like the Serpent of the Devil. The Sandy Beach at the end of the cave, however, is the only area where one can collect Puffer Whale Fish while they are breeding.

Forest of Sorrow "Thorn Wood"[]

An unknown area where all of the ground appears to be covered in needle-like plants, it is the area where the Bishoku-kai's headquarters, Castle of Shokuyokubou, is housed. This is where the Division Heads, the Vice-Head Chiefs, and the Head Chief of the Bishoku-kai meet.

Jidal Kingdom[]

A dangerous, crime-filled nation that is one of the few not associated with the IGO. Coco went there as part of his training to enter the Gourmet World.

Nerg City[]

A slum city that is not affiliated with the IGO and is the base of the Gourmet Yazuka. Nerg is infamous for its crime; 10% of all criminals in the Gourmet Prison come from this city. It may or may not be part of the Jidal Kingdom.

Gourmet Town[]

The "Full-Stomach Metropolis", it is the largest city in the Human World. It is the home of the Gourmet Tower, filled with extravagant restaurants, including the only 10-star restaurants. This is also where the legendary chef Setsuno lives, maintaining her own kitchen and restaurant that is still superior to the restaurants of the Gourmet Tower.

Ice Hell[]

A northern continent, it is extraordinarily cold, filled with raging winds and ferocious beasts, like the Tundra Dragon and the Hellborous. The inner caves of Ice Hell were used by the "Gourmet Nobels" of the past to preserve food, which is what now makes up the "Gourmet Show Window", which, when melted by the geo-thermal vents deep below Ice Hell, produces the "Century Soup", which Komatsu was able to reproduce and was chosen as Toriko's Soup Dish on his Full Course Meal. The "Gourmet Show Window" was destroyed by Teppei when it was clear that it could no longer produce soup.
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Gourmet Temple[]

Is a temple where acacia full course is worshipped.

Gourmet Temple

The Gourmet World[]

Covers 70% of the world. Filled with dangerous creatures and unpredictable environments, it is much too dangerous for humans to live in or even enter. Most who go there never return.

Gourmet World[]

Making up the other 70% of the world, this is an extremely inhospitable area that most humans cannot occupy. The Gourmet World is filled with beasts of unmeasurable capture levels, and has extreme climates that change suddenly and can differ greatly within just feet of each other. The ingredients in the Gourmet World are also vastly superior to those of the Human World, and houses the ingredients in Jiro and Setsuno's Full Course Meal, as well as the ingredients "GOD" and "EARTH", both of which were discovered by the legendary Bishoku-ya Acacia. It is also in the Gourmet World that the boss of the Bishoku-kai lives, which is a testament to his power.

Underground Forest[]

The drop from the "Waterfall Basin of Life" leads to a 20,000-meter deep crevice, the bottom of which contains the "Underground Forest". Full of dangerous Gourmet World beasts with unfathomable capture levels, the Underground Forest has many dangers. Mainly, because of its depth, the gravity is several times stronger than it would be on normal ground. The Forest is also full of many plants and trees that create strong climates, such as the "Air Tree", whose fruit produce high-quantities of various gases, like oxygen, carbon dioxide, and carbon monoxide, the "Heat Planet", a mysterious orb with a high center of gravity that travels around freely, giving off enormous quantities of heat while also lessening the effects of the gravity change from the drop, and the "Fall Tree", a tree that unleashes a large deluge so thick it is like a waterfall and drowns its prey so that it can then absorb them through its roots.

'Ports of Entry'[]

Entering the Gourmet World is extremely difficult. The sky around it is filled with a thick wall of cyclones and the ocean leading into it has a thick "Poison Tide". There are only three land routes that takes one from the Human World to the Gourmet World, and they are comparatively safer.

Zabel Island's "Waterfall Basin of Life"[]

The easiest port of entry, it is a long drop from the Human World Zabel Island into a thick Gourmet World forest. Because it is the easiest, it is the port of entry chosen by the majority of Bishoku-yas.

Yutou Island's "Harbour of Evil Spirits"[]

Another port of entry, little is known about this area other than it appears to be filled with ships for an unknown reason.

Wak Continent's "Sanzu (Three-Way) Road"[]

Another port of entry, little is known about this area. There is only one human occupant of this area, although little is known about him as well.